Get ready to keep allergies at bay with Children's Claritin everyday

Have you been spending more time outdoors now that the weather is warmer? Lawns are a lush green and flowers are beautiful. But, kids are sneezing and have itchy watery eyes-including myself.  Luckily we are stocked up on Children's Claritin.

Children's Claritin is the #1 pediatrician recommended, 24 hours, non-drowsy allergy medication. As the mom of two girls-I can say it works for them! They have indoor and outdoor allergies so they take Claritin year long-everyday.

As part of Children's Claritin Mom Meet-Up sponsored by Children's Claritin sharing about allergy relief and wellness is easy.  I shared these eye packs from my Spring in Your Step program with other moms so they could give their kids relief from allergy eyes.

these eye packs can be used right out of the freezer or microwave for a warm pack.
Placing the eye packs on allergy irritated eyes can provide relief and keep kids from itchy their eyes, which makes the itching worse I have found.

We also looked over a checklist and tips for the year.  It's a good reminder to: check your automobile to keep it as safe as can be, take a  CPR class, visit your family doctor to keep on schedule of immunizations and check ups,  go over home safety, keep medicine stored safely, keep sports equipment in good working order, also tips on  Spring cleaning and allergy removal tips from
Head outdoors and get active in this nice weather.  30 minutes of physical activity every day have great health benefits and can boost your energy levels and even keep your mood happy.

Take a walk, a bike ride or head to the park for some play time on the playground. Pack a healthy lunch and enjoy the spring time while keeping your allergies at bay with Claritin.

After a day of taking care of your family make time to take care of you with a Zen Moment.
You can meditate, light a candle in a scent you enjoy, read a book, spend some time in the sunlight while your body builds vitamin D, make a cup of tea, take a soothing lavender scented shower or bath, listen to your favorite music, whatever makes you relax and take some me time.

Have a great Spring and stay healthy!
visit for tons of info and tips to manage your family allegies.-click on the kids tab.
visit them on Facebook for money saving coupons too.

disclosure; I was sent items to share as part of Children's Claritin Moms Crew. The comments and views are my very own.


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  1. My poor youngest has the worst allergies, he has to take medicine everyday all year round :)



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