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Let's get personal. Mabel's Labels is getting personal for the holidays.

I still mail Christmas Cards to my family and friends each year. I love to put the holiday postage stamp on the envelope! I also enjoy the address labels with a holiday theme to dress up the envelope. I'll admit I did buy Christmas postage stamps already-because you know they sell out-they really do and then you'll have to use an everyday stamp on your thoughtful Christmas card.  Shop   Mabel's Labels  for return address labels now!   Holiday Return Address Labels : Make your holiday mail merrier with personalized return address labels! In new, festive, limited edition designs, you will get 100 labels for just $12.99. One of my favorite gifts to give to the little ones in the family is the holiday stocking stuffer combo. It comes with a few name labels and a bag tag. You pick the design and add the name. (they are available for a limited time for Halloween also)    Stocking Stuffer Combo : Add a special touch to your gifts this year with personalized holiday name stickers a

Wordless Wednesday: Chill Puck

Wordless Wednesday: Turtlebacks

The Hairports Wash and Blow Dry Bar is ready to take you to your destination!

It was a rainy, windy day on the Grand Opening of The Hairports Wash & Blow Dry Bar -luckily the hurricane went out to sea that day and I made it to my destination! The Hairports offers several Destinations ( services )-like NYC, Los Angeles, Bahamas, Paris, No Fly Away Zone, and more that you can choose from depending on your preference of wash, style, make up, and more! Once inside The Hairports Wash & Blow Dry Bar I was greeted and warmly welcomed. The owner and her family were there-very nice people! Actually the entire staff was very welcoming.   There were sweet treats, and delicious beverages to help celebrate their grand opening. First Class Service! I opted for the Jet Fuel Package : A deep conditioner that is made for you at the time of your destination. It smells wonderful! After letting the conditioner do it's magic, my hair was washed and conditioned with the only brand they use and sell: UNITE  Professional Salon System Hair Products.  After that, I moved over

What's on your toothbrush? I've got mine covered with IntelliDent Toothbrush Shield.

Did you ever think about putting a cover on your toothbrush-at home? I used to put a paper bathroom cup over my toothbrush to keep it somewhat germ free-so I thought. Studies show that an exposed toothbrush is subject to multiple surface and airborne microbes. You know the ones, like when you flush the toilet-those water droplets can travel pretty far-maybe even land on your toothbrush. The paper cup has been replaced by  The Toothbrush Shield by IntelliDent. Why? It's been   Laboratory tested 99.9% effective barrier against airborne and surface bacteria. If you store your toothbrush in a holder with the rest of the family, that's another germ place! Shield the toothbrushes in your bathroom with IntelliDent Toothbrush Shield! When we travel our toothbrushes are in plastic cases that cover the brush and handle end to end. I always throw the toothbrush away after I unpack because the thought of the wet toothbrush in the hot car trunk is just too much for my germ quota. Home or tr