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Win a shirt from the NEW Christian musical " A WEEK AWAY" airing on Netflix March 26.

It's true! A new Christian Musical will be airing on Netflix March 26, 2021. " A WEEK AWAY " is a first of it's kind for Netflix. Watch the faith based musical starting 3/26/2021. Have a listen to the soundtrack  A great way to end the week and start the Spring Weekend. Like, who doesn't love camp. I sure do. My sister and I went to Church Camp often in our youth. We might have been young, and maybe homesick now and then, but the strength we gained in our faith has shaped our lives today.  In fact my husband I have a Summer Cottage at a Church Camp, we spend most of our Summer there year after year. I can't say our camp is as musical as  "A WEEK AWAY" , but faith is always present at the camps we attend.  In the film "A WEEK AWAY" a troubled teen faces juvinelle detention for his numerous bad grace he has a family that offers to take him to Summer Camp with them.   Will and Avery are the key characters. Along with camp "r

Win a digital code to see the film CHURCH PEOPLE. In theaters 3/13.

On March 13, 2020 CHURCH PEOPLE opens in a theater near you. I see some familiar faces in this film, like; Thor Ramsey, Stephen Baldwin, William Baldwin, Donald Faison, and more famous names. Guy is the pastor at a mega church and through his own voice he feels the need to bring passion back to the church, not just the business side of running the church, but the spiritual  side of the church. He looks to bring back the word of God through his ministry, but not exactly in the norms of the church community.  The film looks funny, but with a serious side where this mega church seeks out finding it's calling and renews it's purpose.  Free to you is a Discussion guide on  with five sessions with a clip from the film and how The Gospel is in your life.  Enter the giveaway for your chance to win a digital code for which you can watch the movie at home. a Rafflecopter giveaway   Open to residents of North America 18 and older. One random name will be cho

Mold, Mildew, that musty smell, and what to do about it.

Our home is pretty close to perfect to me. We have some incredible neighbors that have become our forever friends. As far as the house structure itself, I find myself telling my husband we need to hire a company to clean the air ducts and dryer vent every Spring. You know in his mind he's saying, yep I'll put that on my list. I’m an Air Conditioner or Heat girl. Our thermostat is never in the off mode. I like air moving at all times in the house. But what I don’t like is the thought of all that dust, cat hair, and dirt that falls into the floor ducts. I know it’s there, I might not see all of it way down through the basement, but we are breathing that air, every second. This week the weather has been in the mid 60 degree mark. I turned the Air Conditioner on in my car for the first time since October time frame. It smelled awful. I had to open all the car windows for a few minutes to get the smell out. I know exactly what that smell is, it's bacteria in the AC lines, beca

Win a chance to see DOLPHIN ISLAND in your own home!

Spring . The season the earth brings us the beauty of flowers, sunshine, and warm days. My region of the country has seen our fill of snow. Days and days of snow. Then a bit of relief comes along...a story with the sights and sounds of Freeport. Not Freeport, Maine, although it's one of my favorite places to visit...this is Freeport, Bahama Island.  Dolphin Island is Dove approved for all ages. Winner of Best Feature film at the Christian Film Festival 2021. A heart warming film for the family and friends to watch together. Make it a movie night and enjoy the warmth and fellowship of Dolphin Island. Visit Dolphin Island for resources , purchase the film, images, and official trailer. Enter the giveaway on this post for your chance to win a digital download code of Dolphin Island.  About the film: 14-year-old Annabel lives with her fisherman grandfather on an island paradise. She is surrounded by an extended family of loving but quirky neighbors and her best friend - a dolphin nam