Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Feeling Philanthropic? The Give Back Foundation has a plan for you!

Our house mailbox often has a letter from a charity asking for a donation.  We get name labels,  wrapping paper, note pads, and greeting cards with the letters. I would rather just send a check or even better make a online donation and skip all the freebies-even though I really like freebies.
 A simple and new way I found to donate money to a Charity I am interested in is through the Give Back Foundation.  This foundation is a 501(c)3  registered with the IRS, and they also only work with charities in good standing with the IRS.  So you know your donation is going to a charity that will use the money appropriately. 

In three easy steps you can set up you own foundation (an account that funds go to a charity)
1. search for charities or causes you wish to support. I chose The American Cancer Society.

2. add money to your foundation; direct donation from your credit card, shop the 400 plus online mall partners and with your purchase 15% goes into your foundation account and engage with sponsors and earn more donations.

3. promote and spread the word about your foundation through Facebook, Twitter, and inviting your friends to donate or set up their own foundation.  you will be given a link when you sign up that your friends use for the referral points.

You will also have the ability to support more than one foundation if you chose to.
You can also request a tax receipt at the end of the year for your own tax purposes.

Join. Share.Win
Through July 16, 2011 the foundation is having a daily prize of a random picked member to win $1000 to go to their Charity.  There is also a chance for the top impact points earner to win $50,000 for their charity.

  You earn impact points by referrals from you friends, and spreading the word about the foundation.  If you are looking for an easy way to make a donation to your favorite charity visit http:/ and see how easy it is to become a philanthropist from the comfort of your own computer!

Disclosure: I was given the chance to win funds for my chatty of choice by writing this post. This writing is my own views and opinions. Please visit the web site for specific details and information.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I won a TRTL BOT ® now what am I going to do with it?

Earth day has come and gone.  Hopefully, we all learned something we can do to be better stewards of the earth. Aside from reinforcing the ideas of the three R's, I learned about a company that makes cases for iPhone brand phones. It wasn't an ad in a magazine or an ad on TV that I found out about this company, it was from GreenGiftsGuide Facebook page. The BLOG of the same name has a wonderful guide you can request and great tips and ideas on making better gift giving choices.

So, what about the phone cases? Here is the scoop:
 The company's name is TRTL BOT  ®. 
*made out of recycled plastic bottles
*made and designed in the United States of America
*member of 1 % for the planet to help protect sea turtles
*available for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3 and 3GS
*available in black and white AND...
*available in NEW colors sky blue, grass green and pink May 1, 2011
*available in  minimalist style and able to hold up to three cards/id's
*available in trtl stand4 style to prop up iPhone4 (facetime, watch video,timed photos)
*available just for you- a discount code! use TRTLPOWER on the Official Web Site

3G/3GS case package

cover of 3G/3GS

snap in phone this side

sky blue trtl stand 4 back iphone4

sky blue trtl stand 4 iphone4
all the features of iPhone are accessible

There are phone cases in every department store, mall kiosk, and mobile phone store. And, yes I could have bought one from there, but not with so many benefits as TRTL BOT cases.  Most people buy a case to protect their phone from damage, or in my case dropping the phone.

 What am I going to do with TRTL BOT ® Use it.  

Now for the disclosure part:  I did win a case from the company's announcement on Facebook and Twitter of the new colors release, thanks to GreenGiftsGuide sharing about the product.  I also ordered another case  using the discount code  TRTLPOWER for 15% off my order. My experience with the ordering and shipping was two days. That is fast. 
This writing is of my own views and information.  Please visit the web site of said company for specific information.  Are you still here?  Do you need the address?
Still here? oh, the discount code TRTLPOWER 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

HAPPY EASTER! May you have a great day and sing ALLELUIA Today.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

License to Clean brought to you by the makers of Method ®

About 12 years ago I started using Method  ® cleaning products.  It was the hand soap that won me over at first, then the household cleaners.  Method  ® asked their followers to go on a crusade to keep wooden furniture clean, nourished, and conditioned.  I was sent a box of Four Method  ® Wood For Good bottles. My mission was to get three of those bottles in the hands of non-converted people.  So, here is the list:

1) My sister. Why: she cleans a lot, more than I do!   She  is an avid gardener and awesome, did I say awesome flower arranger. She surly will appreciate Wood For Good's non toxic almond scent. 
2) My niece-this is my sister's daughter. Why: Well she is her Mother's daughter, and she recently moved into her own apartment. She is a natural kinda girl anyway.  Wood For Good will clean, and condition her new furniture a breeze just like Mother nature intended.
3) My future niece this is my sisters son's, soon to be wife!   Starting her off with Method  ®
Wood For Good for their new house is pretty clean.  (I will be buying her more Method ® products for her shower, hope she doesn't read this...)

Reusing shopping bags and tissue paper I placed a bottle in each bag with a information sheet on the wood cleaning products offered by Method ®. I quietly left them on their doorstep for them to discover! A few photos:

License to clean badges

Wood for Good with Tip Sheet

Ready to go on license to clean mission

My mission was to introduce  Wood for Good to three people.  The fourth bottle was for use in my own house. Most of the furniture in my house as well as my sister, brother and parents house is handmade by my Grandfather.   From china cupboards to end tables we have been given furniture made by him with wood from land he owned.  Of course we do not want to clean, polish or condition that furniture with just any brand of treatments.
Wood for Good is non- toxic, and made with natural ingredients. It does clean, polish and condition the furniture nicely.  it also makes the house smell nice, not that canned furniture spray smell! 

To learn more about Method ®, purchase Wood For Good, and read the founders story click HERE ( if you already past the first link).

Disclosure:  Yes I was sent Four Bottles of Wood For Good to get in the hands of non-converted persons.  I wrote this post to spread the word of non-toxic cleaners, because I wanted to.    My review: yes, I will recommend Method brand cleaners anytime, anywhere, any day. Yes, they are that good.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Do you know when Earth Day really began? What will you do this year for Earth Day?

In 1962 Earth Day was founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson .The day has evolved into a whole
month!  There are activities, fairs, and educational resources widely available. Along with that,  more companies are offering their products in less packaging, more efficient formulas  and recycling has become a part of our daily living.
 One of the ways recycling has become easier to participate in is with Recyclebank.  Curb side pick up of recyclable materials and other programs offer you a chance to earn points  to redeem for things such as gift cards, and products.   Recyclebank, FutureFriendly and  SheSpeaks have a four week room by room challenge going on now!  Each room you visit on the web site will show ways to conserve and recycle.   When you "like" Future Friendly on Facebook and take the challenge, a day of safe drinking water is donated to Children's Safe Drinking Water Initiative.

 Click  here to learn how you can reduce, recycle, and provide a day of safe drinking water for children in need.  Spread the word to your family and friends and ask them to participate in the challenge and help provide a day of safe drinking water to a child in need.

Other Resources worth noting:

National Geographic find you Footprint

National Geographic Free Resources

Environmental Protection Agency

Disclosure:  This post is in a blog hop with SheSpeaks to promote the Future Friendly Program.
The views and comments are my own. Please visit the web sites listed for specific information.
This is not a compensated post.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Peepster® Peepsmobile Makes Hospital Calls

Tuesday morning started out as a typical day for me, get the kids to school, tend to some house work, check some web sites... I read that  Peepster ® Peepsmobile was planned to be in an area within a half hours drive.  This cute little yellow car is on a  Sweetness Tour making stops at major cities.  My thought was to take some photos and write about the company.  You can read all about the company here.

Due to some delays  Peepster  Peepsmobile was late getting to the stop.  After some conversations via tweets I found out they would be there late in the day.  You know that feeling should I or shouldn't I- go back?  Well, I did drive back to the stop still wanting to take some photos. Finally the car was there with two drivers.  The Peeps Representatives are very friendly, even at the end of the day.  The Peeps People did give out candy to anyone that came over to  the car.  Taking plenty of photos and talking to the drivers and the crowd for short time- I said "thanks" and "bye".  Once I was back in my car I tried to send some pictures to Facebook, so much for the new camera/phone-I was clicking the wrong button!

the last minute photos
As I started to drive home, the rain became heavier.  That kind of rain that the windshield wipers can not keep your window clean.  Thinking to myself-I need to get home, why did I drive back here just to take some photos-that I do not have on my camera. Driving in the pouring rain, four lanes of rush hour traffic-time to say a prayer.  Then it hit me-the reason why I did drive back to meet this little yellow chick.  The Peepster Peepsmobile made a stop at Saint Christopher's Hospital for Children in Philadelphia before coming across the bridge.  The Sweetness Tour makes stops and gives away Peeps,  but they also stop at many Children's Hospitals.  The two Peeps Representatives that visit the children in these hospital are sure to brighten  the children's day by sharing Peeps and their ( the Representative's) good souls.

The Peepsmoblie gave me some candy;

but more than giving me Peeps candy,   Peepster Peepsmobile showed me what good they can do for Hospitals for Children, and for that; Thank You.

You can follow the tour, view photos, and see their good works on:
Sweetness Tour
Just Born

Disclosure:  These are my own comments, views, and  knowledge.  Please check with the company for specific details.  I was not given any products in order to write this post. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

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by April 14, 20ll by 2PM.

Two random selected entries will win one coupon for new Purex with Zout

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Getting a Head Start on Arbor Day with Hefty ® Brands

Spring makes me start thinking about backyard cookouts, fire pit nights, picnics and paper plates.  Anytime I am in a grocery store or department store I end up in  the paper goods aisle.  I may not need any paper goods, I just like to see what is new in the world of paper plates.  I used to keep a stack of paper plates on my kitchen counter for the kids to use, but recently have taken them off the counter and slowed down in my purchasing of the plates.  As a parent and an adult it would seem it is my responsibility to teach my kids, but sometimes they teach me...about conservation, and using less paper products.  So the plates are off the counter, and we use a lot less of them.  Instead of the latest prettiest plates I used to buy, I have purchased:

The Hefty Basics  paper plates are: microwavable, have no inks or coatings, and are biodegradable.    Although they are light brown and not the latest fashion plate I usually buy, I do like the plates.  They hold up well, don't soak through, and cost less that than other brands of biodegradable paper plates.  The plates area available in a 10 1/4 inch plate 24 count pack, and a 8 5/8  inch plate 45 count plate.  The outer wrap of the plates has a Box Tops For Education Label you can save if your school or organization collects the labels.
Hefty Basics is partnering with Arbor Day Foundation to help replant the Nation's Forests.
Not only do you get to use the plates, you help out two other organizations with your purchase.

Kitchen trash bags are one of those items I do not like to buy, even with a coupon!  It does seem a bit of over bagging with the use of the kitchen trash bag, then another trash bag in the large bin in the garage.  If this sounds familiar, this is another product I found recently  Hefty Renew trash bags,that I like also.  The bags are  gray. The  bags are mae from;  65% recycled plastic, 10% post consumer, and 55% pre-consumer plastic.  The bags are available in 13 gallon and 33 gallon sizes.  The box has a Box Tops for Education Label on the back just like the plate wrapper.  These gray bags many not be the clean looking white kitchen trash bag, but if you need to use a plastic trash bag, give these a try. (Kohl's also uses gray bags, using less resources)

Hefty Brand Renew Trash Bags

Arbor Day is April 29, 2011 and these two new products from Hefty are a good start for my household.  To learn more about these products visit Hefty at these locations:

"like" HeftyBasics on Facebook and help them plant trees through Arbor Day Foundation!

Disclosure:  These are my own comments and views.  I did not receive any compensation from Hefty to write this post.  Please visit Hefty Brands web site for specific product information.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Frito Lay dip CREATIONS are All Natural Goodness

One of the companies I follow on Twitter is Frito Lay ®. On March 14, 2011 it was National Potato Chip Day and  Frito Lay ® was having a giveaway, and I won!   A few days later the nice delivery man left a package on my porch from Frito Lay ®. There was a bag of Lays Plain Potato Chips in the box and two packages of New dip mixes,  Garden Onion, and Country Ranch.

Using  the "dip Creations" directions, I mixed the dip package with one container of sour cream (16 ounce).  The package directions state to chill one hour before serving, I chilled it overnight,  I usually do that with any dip mix just so the flavors have more time to mix.  The dip was good. We had it with the plain chips, and sandwiches for lunch.  It will be good for as a vegetable dip too.  It has a nice onion flavor, but not to strong.  It is made with all natural ingredients, no Msg, no preservatives and no artificial flavors.  The dips also come in Country Ranch and Freshly made Guacamole -great for Tostitos.  You can learn more about the dips here. I like the fact that the dips are freshly prepared when you are ready for them, since I seem to have that half full container of dip in my refrigerator that is looking tired.  The dip packs are easy to store, easy to use, and are really tasty!  I probably would not have tried this dip had Frito Lay not sent it to me, I would have stuck to the same old, full of preservative dip I usually buy. We do like this brand of potato chips, especially the Lightly Salted Potato Chips, and now we have a new dip, that is made with All Natural Ingredients.  All three types of this dip will be good for chips, as well as vegetables, and recipes.
To learn more about Frito Lay visit their web site, follow them on Twitter, and Like them on FaceBook.

Disclosure:  These are my own comments and views .   Please visit their web site for specific product information.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Books, Magazines,Newspapers and Blogs

I read books, magazines, newspapers, and blogs. Why?  To learn, to share, to read someones product review or maybe their point of view!   It is like reading recipes, which I have enough of to make me a better cook, someday...

my current pile of recipes to try
The latest new recipe I made was not from a magazine or a cookbook, but from Johnsonville Italian Sausage, and SheSpeaks.  Using the Four Cheese Italian with Garlic Basil Sauce recipe I improvised a little using the Sweet Italian Sausage instead of the Four Cheese Italian (only because my grocery store did not have that variety).  It was easy to make, and most of the ingredients I needed other than the sausage I already had in my kitchen. 


The types  of Johnsonville Italian Sausage are; Mild, Sweet, Hot, and  Four Cheese.  Look for the recipes on their WEB site as well as coupons and join The Enthusiast Club for special offers.

 I am going print out the coupons and stock up on  all the varieties to keep in my refrigerator for warmer grilling days ahead. Cook a  variety on your grill to give everyone a taste of each type or maybe make a mixed variety of sliced sausage and vegetable kabobs. Spring time Asparagus should be here soon, wouldn't that be good with grilled Italian Sausage!

Disclosure:  I was given the opportunity from Johnsonville Italian Sausage to give my honest feedback.  These are  my own comments and views. Please visit their web site for specific product information.

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