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"Take Back Your Life" A 40 Day Devotional Journey Review

This week started a bit frazzled for me. I spent Monday worrying about all the places I had to go and people to visit. My grumbling to myself and others has led me to go back over my feeling out of control of my very own life. I should be thankful I can do all those things on my "to do" list, but I wasn't. Today I'm feeling a bit more in control, I've sorted out what I can do and what I can't do to keep my life a bit more less frazzled. Have you ever felt like you needed to take back your life? Like the days go by and you do the same things over and over, but really don't get much done, kinda like that pile of papers on the kitchen table! "Take Back Your Life" A 40 Day Devotional Journey by Levi Lusko takes us on a 40 day journey on thinking right so you can live right. What does that mean, to live right? Am I living wrong? I'll admit, it's a yes for me. How do I know? I feel it in my soul.  In Levi Lusko's book " Take Back Your

Key ways to have your own backyard splendor.

What would your dream backyard look like? What would your dream backyard look like to you? For me it would be the perimeter of the yard to be non stop blooming annuals and perennials in weed free garden beds. I'd love lush green grass that feels like the best carpet you ever walked on in your bare feet. Sans any creepy crawly animals in this dream backyard. I've covered the plants and grass but what could I add to make my yard into an outdoor living space? Lilac trees are my favorite.  In the Spring they are lush, full of lilac blooms and the fragrance is a sure aroma of Spring. The winter months the lilac tree looks like many other trees that lose their leaves. The use of Evergreen trees can help fill in areas that are deciduous trees.   My top picks for plants, trees, and shrubs for the yard : Lilac (refereed to as shrub or tree) Butterfly Bush Evergreen (tree) Pussy Willow (tree) Spring bloomer Curly Willow (tree) Weeping Willow (tree) Forsythia (bush) Spring bloomer Mint (p

Arm & Hammer New Odor Defense Foot Powder is ready for your feet where ever you may wander.

  They had me at " Refreshes Feet Instantly ". They being, Arm & Hammer ™,  the company we know for neutralizing odors from our fridge to our feet. Arm &  Hammer  ™ has introduced Talc Free Odor Control Foot Powder: My wearing of sandals this Summer has been non existent due to not frequenting my local nail salon for a pedicures. My feet are hot. The month of July has been hot, really hot!   I am happy to report a solution to feet that sweat and odor: It's new Arm & Hammer Talc Free Odor Control Foot Powder Why I like Arm & Hammer Foot Powder: Eliminates Odor on Contact Absorbs Sweat & Moisture Sweat Activated Odor Control with Fresh Guard Technology: Destroys Odor Caused by Sweat upon Contact. Contains Arm & Hammer Baking Soda Keeps Feet Cool & Dry All Day Long Talc Free Made in USA Available at Target, like I need a reason to go to Target, but I'll take it. Easy carry all bottle with precision dispenser Keep your feet feeling and smelling