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SHERLOCK GNOMES Blu-ray Combo Pack Giveaway

I've had a fondness for Gnomes for awhile now, perhaps it's part of my other side of the family being German, wait are Gnomes German? Anyway, Gnomes are everywhere these days...Garden Gnomes, Christmas Gnomes, Traveling Gnomes, and most popular in the Summer are little Gnome gardens, maybe with a little sparkly fairy or two. But, these Gnomes in Sherlock Gnomes are not sitting around in someones cute garden or adorning a front porch with other Summer lawn ornaments, nope these Gnomes are on the move. take a look: . SHERLOCK GNOMES June 5, 2018 (Digital) June 12, 2018 (Blu-ray, DVD U.S. Rating: PG Canadian Rating: G GET READY FOR A PHE-GNOME-NAL ADVENTURE WITH NEW MUSIC FROM ELTON JOHN, BERNIE TAUPIN, AND MARY J. BLIGE HOLLYWOOD, Calif.   – A hilarious and heartfelt adventure the whole family can enjoy,   SHERLOCK GNOMES   brings the fun home on Digital June 5, 2018 and on June 12, 2018. Boasting an all-star cast of voices including Johnny Depp, Emil

Grease is celebrating it's 40th Anniversary with a Rydell High Yearbook Package Giveaway

On June 16, 2018 Grease celebrates it's 40th year since the day the film became famous. The Summer love of Sandy and Johnny...was ending, so they thought until Sandy shows up at Johnny's school. He was so surprised and happy, but oops, keep it cool for the boys Johnny.  The school year continues and Sandy and Johnny are not an item, as in not dating. What Johnny and Sandy don't know about each other is that they are trying to change, to be like one and other. At the School's out for Summer carnival all is revealed at what Johnny accomplished and what Sandy has done to change her looks, and wow! Look out boys. Sandy has become the girl no one can take their eyes off of. I'd love to see more of the gang and an alternate ending-like what if Sandy and Johnny never got back together? Or they got married and had children? Or, they have they fall in love with someone else-nah that wouldn't happen. Anyway the 40th Anniversary edition is now available in s

Giveaway: 12 STRONG DVD

Truth be told, I will look the other way, close my eyes, or change the channel with lightning speed if I see those Twin Towers on 9/11 replayed on television. However, this day I watched: 12 Strong . And there it is...the twin towers, on the television, in the living room of a family, getting their daughter ready for school when she said, Daddy look and pointed to the television. As the dad looks, and the mom looks at what has just happened in New York City...and around the USA, their faces are emotionless.  19 "men" attacked The United States of America on September 11, 2011. 12 Strong Special Forces Men volunteered to be the first to fight back on September 12, 2011. The 12 Special Forces men are in Northern Afghanistan. Dropped by helicopter into rugged terrain, changing weather, and communication difficulties due to the mountains. Now looking for their escort-allies in an unfamilar land, not knowing who is friendly or who is at war. The escort is found