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New in Toys! Review of SMITHSONIAN, WUBBLE, and ALL PRO PASSER brands.

Hello blog readers. I hope you are well and enjoying the Summer Season.   Our Summer has been busy with a beach trip with the Airstream, a camping trip, and visiting local attractions. On the days we are home and inside due to a much-needed rest day, I like to have a stash of new things the kids can enjoy.   We reviewed a bunch of new toys this Summer, starting with a science kit from Smithsonian. I like anything Smithsonian. My parents used to load up the family station wagon with my sister, brother, and I and head to the Smithsonian for breakfast, yep breakfast. It was a member perk. We rarely stayed to wander about the Institute because my mom was on a shopping mission to the greater Washington D.C. area best in clothing shopping, so now I can kind of re-live my childhood. The Smithsonian Mars Dig Science Kit  we opened up on one of those days the humidity was high, and the temperature was way over my comfort zone.  I give the Smithsonian Mars Dig Science Kit an A+ for the contents