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Ways to keep your home well maintained on the outside with Peter's Roofing

20 years ago my husband and I purchased a brand new house, built in a brand new neighborhood. We have two girls, young adults now with their own homes. In the years we lived in this brand new home we made improvements, repairs, painted walls, and dealt with water damage from heavy rains and winds. We experienced hurricanes, hot days, and snowy days that nature took a toll on the roof, siding, gutters, and chimney.  When I look at a house, I look at the roof, there is so much real estate atop a house. If the roof is stained, missing shingles, faded, or looks ugly, to me that's a big sign to replace the roof.  Most everyone in our neighborhood of 50 houses has replaced their roof. I envy those nice clean, fluffy roofs. By fluffy I mean the shingles look kind of 3 D, and I suppose there is a word for that type of shingle.    We are the hold out neighbor, holding out until our house went on the market to see what the buyer would want done with the roof. Personally I'd have replace

Win THE LITTLE PRINCE, now on Blu-Ray and Digital

Hello February 2021! The month of Valentine's Day, hearts, love, snow and more snow, and the release of THE LITTLE PRINCE on blu-ray disc and digital all in the same month. How can so much goodness be happening?  Get a head start on your Valentine or Easter basket gift giving by picking up:   The Little Prince,  starting February 9. 2021. With an All Star cast (see the cast list below), the movie starts by giving us an intro into the prince and the aviator, but quickly we are taken into the busy world of a mom that is desperately trying to get her child placed in the local academy. The mom has charts, books, and plans on how to reach the goal of her child enrolled in the academy. They even move to the town the academy is in to better the little girl's chance of being accepted.  Their street is a row of neat and tidy homes, but their next door neighbor looks like he must be the original land owner before the new housing was built, and he stayed in his odd looking property. The