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Lights, tree, action...oh no the lights are not on. Light Keeper can fix that!

Yesterday I opened up the tote that contains the lights for the Christmas tree. I pushed that tote to the side and told my husband that was his department. You know how it goes, the lights are strung across the tree or woven around the porch outside, and a string of lights is out. That's when I start making a pile of strings of lights that are not working - the ones that have lost their way to sparkle. Do we have to get rid of the whole string of lights? Nope, you don't   LightKeeper Pro is the complete tool to fix incandescent light sets.  I also have a really hard time putting the lights on the porch or the back fence because I don't end up with the right piece to plug in multiple sets to keep the string end to end lit. It might be comical, but the struggle is real. Light strings have found a place in the great outdoors year around, from sidewalk table seating to fancy restaurants, to tree lined sidewalks, white lights are everywhere these days. Sometimes I think the tre