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ARM & HAMMER has a new Sport Collection - you'll want to stock up!

The merry month of May is here. Why is May merry? I'm not sure, but I'd say because the day has more sunshine hours and the flowers that are blooming now are so nice from the Winter days inside. Open the windows! With warmer weather I see the teams out on the field playing baseball, soccer, and people walking or running through neighborhoods and parks. The first thing I do after a walk is kick off my shoes as I walk in the door. I won't come back to those shoes until the next time I go for a walk or bike ride. Depending on the weather, a shower might be in order after a walk. Whatever sport or activity you participate in, Arm & Hammer now has a New Sport Collection. Let's get back to the shoes I kicked off... NEW  Arm & Hammer Sport Gear & Shoe Refresher Spray contains Baking Soda. You know the stuff that absorbs odors. What is nice about the Sport Gear & Shoe Refresher Spray is that it also has odor neutralizing ingredients to absorb sweat & moistur