Thursday, January 30, 2014

BOMBS OVER NOWHERE Debut Album and my college commute

So, I listened to "It's Gonna Find You" , as soon as the song ended I said, more!  As in I want to hear more of this music. Bombs Over Nowhere has a sound that reminds me of music I used to listen to on my way back and forth to college when I commuted for a brief period at the end of my degree work.  Never mind my reason for enjoying this band. Have a listen for yourself and see what you think, oh and there is two songs on this post so there is more, and even more- their Debut EP is set to be released on Feb 25, 2014.

Bombs Over Nowhere - "It's Gonna Find You" Official Video

Aaron Espe and busbee:

"Bombs Over Nowhere is a collaborative project from Aaron Espe and busbee, two musicians who’ve taken the best parts of their solo work – Espe’s voice and introspective lyrics, busbee’s chart-topping songwriting skills – and rolled them into something bigger. It’s uplifting pop/rock, packed with the raw emotion of Glen Hansard and the polished craft of Roy Orbison."

“Most of the songs are about struggle and how a relationship – usually love – overcomes that struggle,” says Espe, a folk singer/songwriter with five solo albums under his belt. “I easily write rainy day songs, but we wanted to steer things more positively.”

"Longtime friends before they became band mates, busbee and Espe began co-writing after Espe moved to Nashville. The first song they wrote for the project was “It’s Gonna Find You,” a haunting ballad anchored by piano, falsetto vocals and anthemic percussion. That sound became the foundation of Bombs Over Nowhere.'

Do you want to hear more? Well, here it is. If I had more to share I would! The album is out February 25, 2014. Did you figure out what band I listened to on my college commute? It was the Traveling Wilburys -Roy Orisbon. Imagine that. When I started to listen to "It's Gonna Find You" that was the first thing I thought of-Traveling Wilburys.

Disclosure: Images and material provided by Sneak Attack Media. The comments and views are my own.

See and hear Disney's FROZEN "Let It Go" in 25 different languages

This is such a pretty song from the film FROZEN.  Watch the video to hear the song "Let it Go" in 25 different languages. Maybe it is a small world after all-different countries sharing the same song.


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Un-thaw your vocal chords for a cool sing-a-long with Disney's FROZEN 1/31/14 in theaters only.

 On January 31, 2014 in movie theaters around the country showing FROZEN, the audience can join in with an all-new sing-along. How cool is that, not cold but COOL.

 I saw the movie and might just have to go to the sing-a-long. You can read my review here and get free printables from FROZEN here.  I loved the movie! I hear people talking about it all the time, even at other movies. The last movie screening I went to (for another film) I heard the people sitting behind us say they wanted to see FROZEN. Frozen opened in theaters Thanksgiving weekend and is a hot topic!

the official announcement:

BURBANK, Calif. (Jan. 22, 2014) – “Frozen” audiences are invited to join the act—literally—as more than 1000 theaters nationwide introduce an all-new sing-along version of Disney’s Oscar®-nominated, Golden Globe®-winning big-screen adventure beginning Jan. 31, 2014.

“‘Frozen’ fans have embraced the film’s original songs and its soundtrack with such passion—there are countless YouTube videos from people singing songs like ‘Let It Go’—we decided to create a version that would celebrate that enthusiasm,” said Dave Hollis, executive vice president, theatrical distribution, The Walt Disney Studios. “It’s a great opportunity for families to get together and have some fun with these songs.”

According to Hollis, on-screen lyrics and a magical bouncing snowflake will accompany select showings; moviegoers can check local listings for showtimes and theaters. The duration of the sing-along run will vary by theater.


NEW featurette “Driving School…Again”

NEED FOR SPEED in a theater near you on  March 14, 2014

Nice car, I doubt he needs driving lessons. What do you think?

This video features Dominic Cooper (“Captain America,” “Mamma Mia!”) who plays the wealthy and arrogant ex-NASCAR driver Dino Brewster in the film.

Need For Speed - Driving School...Again

Seven ideas for Seven days with The Family Breakfast Project

What is your family's morning time like? My husband likes to greet the kids with a "good morning" everyday in the kitchen. My kids usually don't give a vocal response, it's more of a "look", like why are you talking to me so early in the morning? I might be guilty of that too.

Breakfast time is a time to connect with the family at the beginning of a new day. Some mornings we are running late or in a hurry to get out the door so those good mornings aren't happening.  One thing that makes mornings easier is to set out the cereal, bowls, spoons, glasses, and napkins so the kids can help themselves. I keep the milk and juice at the front of the fridge and grab and go foods like yogurt in sight too.

Cheerios has partnered with the Family Dinner Project, to help families access the benefits that a family meal can give not just in feeding the family, but connecting with each other.

head over to for a BOGO free coupon.
Seven Days to Family Breakfast:
Make the time for 7 minutes for 7 days to share breakfast time as a family. 

  • Day 1.Depending on your children's age, have them or help them chose what they will wear to school the next day, this way they can get ready for school faster and have more time for breakfast.
  • Day 2. Converse with your kids about their wish or worry of the day. Is it a big test day, do they have to do a presentation, or is there a concern or accomplishment at school. Follow up at dinner time asking them what was the best and worst moment of the day. This is the time you can give your parent advice.
  • Day 3. Have a special breakfast food ready for them today. Make granola bars or cookies the day before with the kids. Keep the conversation going today about what your life was like when you were a kid. Did you walk to school, take the bus, ride your bike? Did you play sports, sing or play an instrument?
  • Day 4. If your kids are old enough to make coffee, show them how to do it and let them make the coffee today. Be sure to keep a careful eye on the workings. Serve yourself coffee and give the kids juice or milk. Have a new fruit ready for them to try this morning. Maybe a tropical fruit and talk about a vacation destination they would like to visit.  
  • Day 5. Story day: Have everyone tell a one story sentence about what they think will happen today. At dinner share the stories.
  • Day 6.Make a cute breakfast, maybe a cut out sandwich of peanut butter and banana or animal shaped pancakes. Use colorful plates, silverware and cups.
  • Day 7. Set up a yogurt parfait bar. Set out fruit, Cheerios, yogurt, sprinkles, nuts, raisins, cut up fruit, whatever your kids fancy. Use clear cups to let each person make their own creation. Sit down together at the table and enjoy the stories around the breakfast table.

for more ideas and resources on meal time with the family go to
    Breakfast time can be as easy as pouring a bowl of cereal and sitting down together to connect. Let the kids give ideas on what they like for breakfast on school days and on weekends when there might be more time for cooking.
Connect with your family at all meals of the day when you can. For more ideas, recipes, and to join the family dinner plan go to
What's for breakfast at your house tomorrow?
Disclosure; I received Family Breakfast Project resources and products from General Mills for this post. The comments and views are my own.

Super Bowl savings from BJ's Wholesale Club for your big game party including free Tyson chicken wings.

Three great offers from BJ's Wholesale Club:

1. ‘Big Game Squares Sweepstakes’ Facebook contest.
  •  Visit to enter for your chance to win BJ’s gift cards.
  •  Fill out a square and your numbers will be drawn at random and placed on the board.
  •  BJ’s will then share the board a few days before the Big Game so you know what numbers you have.
 Prizes: 1st quarter - $50 (3 winners), 2nd quarter - $75 (3 winners), 3rd quarter - $100 (3 winners) and final score - $250 (3 winners).

2. Purchase any four different Big Game qualifying products below and receive 10 lbs. of Tyson Chicken Wings for FREE! Pick up the coupon at BJ's Wholesale Club location.
Look for the coupon at the front of BJ's Wholesale Club to get your 10 pounds of Tyson Chicken Wings free. That's a big savings when you are having a party or get together.
The coupon is good January 23 through February 5.
Select items available to qualify are:
·         Bag of Chex Traditional Snack Mix
·         Cheez It
·         Planters Salted Peanuts
·         Coca-Cola, 4 pk./2 liter
·         KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce, 2 pk.
·         Franks Hot Sauce, 2 pk.
·         Uno’s Pepperoni or Cheese Pizza
·         Wishbone Creamy or Chunky Blue Cheese
·         Kraft Shredded Mexican or Jack Cheese
·         Bagel Bites Mozzarella Cheese or Pepper
3. $5 Off Any Wellsley Farms or Dietz & Watson Deli Platter, Sandwich Ring or 3-Foot Long Sandwich made with top-quality name-brand meats and cheeses. Available in clubs with a full-service deli.

How my high school typing class taught me to type but not to right.

I use Grammarly's plagiarism checker because I like cats, but not copy cats. 

I've been typing since high school. I took typing 1 and 2 in high school just because I liked to type. I had no interest in becoming a secretary or work at a job where I would be typing. The challenge was to see how fast I could type without errors. Spelling mistakes were frowned upon by the teacher, but sentence structure was not part of the lesson.

Now that I've entered the blogging world, I type all day long. Well, not all day but my kids think I do. Once I write a post and click the publish tab I go back and read the post. I always find spelling mistakes or sentences that don't  make sense. Even though I re-read the post before I published it I find mistakes. (missed the s on sentence)

When you write a post or article check your work on Grammarly's  plagiarism checker to be sure you aren't using content from another source that is not yours. You can also check to see your content is not on another web page you might not know about.

When writing a post, I might have left an s off a word or used the wrong word for he meaning of the sentence. I even type words knowing I spelled them wrong and use the spell checker to spell the word correctly. Unfortunately the spell check does not always catch the words I spelled wrong in my hasty typing or perhaps my knowledge of the spelling.

So far in this post I have five words with the squiggly line under them to notify me I have typed the worked incorrectly.

It's time to hit the ABC check at the top of the post. Let's see how I did, five misspelled words, and a few words the spell check did not recognize. Those are the words I miss and end up in the published post.

How can I find my spelling and gramatic errors?  By using Grammarly, "It catches up to ten times more mistakes than word processing software". You can check for grammar and even check for plagiarism. The copy and paste function is awesome, but plagiarism is not awesome. Bloggers know all too well about that topic. (forgot the s in bloggers and e on paste)

Grammarly not only checks for your mistakes, it's helps you with your grammar and to become a better writer. It's easy to use- just drop your text in the box on their web page and let Grammarly check for mistakes. It's an automated proof reader of your text.

Check out the 10 reasons why Grammarly is likable. (hope I spelled likable right) (nope I did not) I'd like to improve on my use of explanation points. How many times a day do you use an explanation point? I'd also like to improve on my sentence structure. What areas do you want to improve upon in your writing?

post script: I dropped this post text into the box on Grammarly's plagiarism checker.  I had 35 grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style errors. That would not be an A in typing or English class.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Free subscriptions to Ladies Home Journal., Bridal Guide, and American Baby. Limited time offers.

Three free magazine subscriptions today. These are offered for a limited time only. You do not input any payment information, just where you want your magazine subscription sent. I have never received a bill for these magazines! Go claim yours.

If one offer has expired that does not mean the others have expired. The expired offer may be offered at a later date so save the url if you want to try another day.

Sign up for 10 free issues of Ladies Home Journal. I requested my free subscription a few weeks ago and it's here!

Ding dong are your getting married in the morning or anytime of day? sign up for two free issues of Bridal Guide.

Sign up for a free subscription to American Baby magazine.

These offers are not guaranteed. I am simply sharing the information.

Keep you and your guests in play during the Super Bowl with these 4 simple food safety steps.

Super Bowl Sunday is getting closer! Are you ready for the big game? Whether you are having a party of five or a party of 50 follow food safety tips from  Even if it's just yourself snuggled up on the couch watching the super bowl, play it safe and remember these steps:
Four Simple Steps for Food Safety:
  • Clean
  • Separate
  • Cook
  • Chill

Four basic actions to do along with the 4 simple steps to food safety:
  • clean the food well
  • keep potential contaminates separated
  • cook meats thoroughly
  • chill uneaten portions
read more here: 

Martie Duncan and Rebel Chef Terry French  have partnered with the USDA and the Ad Council’s Food Safe Families campaign to remind us of food safety at game time.  

Rebel Chef Terry French, winner of Food Network’s Extreme Chef and Owner of Culinary Dreams shows us recipes from his travels around the world with the bests ingredients and food safety in mind.

See what Martie Duncan of and Season 8 of Food Network Star is cooking for Super Bowl Sunday:

Things I've learned from having parties:
  • keep paper towels and liquid soap at the kitchen and bathroom sinks for you and your guest to use.
  • don't put out all your food at once.
  • refresh the serving trays often and throw out food that has been kept out past it's safety zone. (divide trays and platters up into smaller amounts)
  • keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold.
  • when in doubt-throw it out. 
Good Luck and I hope your team wins!

Do good with your unwanted goods. Donate them to The Goodwill Store.

Hear the story of Canice, a 22-year-old. She was living in her car and with the help of her sister she learned about Goodwill' job training programs. She participated in a Goodwill training program and now she is now a registered nurse assistant. 

When you are de-cluttering or clearing out the closets take your stuff to Goodwill and donate it to the Goodwill Store,(usually at the back of the building is where they accept goods) then go around front and shop. I find great USA made dishes and decorations at The GoodWill Store.

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Philadelphia Home Show is open this weekend and John DeSilvia of DIY will be there.

The Philadelphia Home show is open this weekend at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Walk through rows and rows of home improvement ideas and see the latest trends.
How about this lap pool?

or a beautiful new kitchen with a built in coffee maker.

You can read about what not to miss at the show on this blog post from the day I visited the  last Saturday.
On Friday, January 24 the home show is celebrating “Hero Day”. On  “Hero Day” all military, police and firefighters will get in free to the show with photo identification.
Television host John DeSilvia of DIY’s Under Construction and Run My Renovation, will be appearing this weekend. John is a tough-as-nails Brooklyn native and a former union carpenter. A licensed contractor, “Johnny D” earned a degree from the Pratt Engineering School and he will be teaching our consumers how to work with contractors and get the most out of planning your home renovation.

Also attending is Phillies Broadcaster Gregg Murphy, who will be meeting & greeting exhibitors & Phillies fans!


for directions, and schedule of special guest appearances, purchasing tickets, and show hours visit

GIMME SHELTER film review . See GIMME SHELTER in a theater near you starting Friday, January 24, 2014.

Last night I went to the screening for Gimme Shelter staring James Earl Jones, Rosario Dawson, Vanessa Hudgens and Brendan Frasier.  The film opens today in theaters.

Gimme Shelter is not a film for your entertainment, it's a film for your heart and soul.

The writer/director, Richard Krauss and star Vanessa Hudgens spent time in a shelter to learn more about the lives of homeless pregnant teens. The girls in this film are from the shelter are actual residents not actors. Vanessa Hudgens lived with them for weeks.

Even though I watched the trailer and read the synopsis before I saw the film. I came home to my own cozy warm house feeling colder than the bitter cold outside.

Gimme Shelter is just that, Apple (Vanessa Hudgens) is trying to get away from the broken family life, the cold, the hunger, and abuse. We watched Apple trying to get out of the apartment building while her mother (Rosairo Dawson) holds her back. She escapes with the clothing on her body and a few dollars for a cab ride. She has an address  of someone she thinks will give her shelter and that is where she is planning to stay.

Apple does not get the shelter of a cab ride to the address. She doesn't even get shelter at the address, which is her father's (Brendan Frasier) home.  He gives her food and drink, and cash to go elsewhere for shelter. She asks to stay with him until she can get a job and earn enough money to live on her own. He has a wife and two children that do not welcome her.

Back out on the street she looks for shelter again. She finds an unlocked car on the street where she stays for the night.  After she steals a different car and has an accident, Apple is in the hospital where a priest (James Earl Jones) tries to talk to her and help. Apple is very hurt and angry and will not let anyone in to her life. She does not trust anyone. Who could blame her after leaving her drug addicted mother and being sent away by her father.  

Not only is Apple homeless, she is a pregnant unmarried teen.
The priest finds a shelter for pregnant and new mothers run by Kathy (Ann Dowd). Apple's mother wants her to return home and she threatens the shelter with kidnapping since Apple is a minor. Trying to avoid a police visit the shelter must let Apple leave with her mother.

This film is inspired by actual events in real life. Most of us probably only on see life like this on television or in a film such as Gimme Shelter. There are three basic things we need to survive: food, water, and shelter. We need all three, not just one of the three. Apple doesn't have any of these. Her clothing is torn and tattered, she eats out of trash bags, and she sleeps in unlocked cars. Can you imagine living like this. I'd say it is barely surviving.

Back in the comfort of my own home after the film, thanking God for what I have and praying for those in need, I'll be looking at my overflowing closets of clothing and sharing them with those in need.

Why should you and I make donations to shelters such as the one in the film? You might think these women can help themselves or they made their life this way, but their family life is broken. Where would you or I go if we did not have a supportive family and ways and means?

Gimme Shelter is a film where there is no romance, no happy family in a big comfy house, or evil being won over by good. It's a film that is true to life, true to a city or town you live in, and a true reason why shelter is basic to survival.

"Based on a true story, GIMME SHELTER is the story of a young girl named Apple (Vanessa Hudgens) who, after running away from an abusive home environment, moves in with her wealthy, wall street father (Brendan Frasier). Soon after moving in to her new home, Apple discovers that she is with child. After being given a grim ultimatum by her father, Apple runs away and is almost killed before being saved by a kind priest (James Earl Jones) who gives her chance at the life - and the family - she never knew could be hers."

Social Circles for Gimme Shelter:


Disclosure: I received a press pass for the screening of Gimme Shelter. The comments and views are my own.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Freebies for the car lover today from Subaru and Race Car Engineering magazines.

Two new offers for Thursday:
note: free samples and free offers are limited and supply does run out. this post is not a guarantee of the offer of any kind.

Request you choice of two magazines from Subaru for owners or those just interested in Subaru.

Like to watch the races on TV or in person? Request one free issue of Race Car Engineering.


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How to get free magazine subscriptions to Crusing World, Yachting, and Marlin Magazine. Yep, FREE.

Whether you are a landlubber or a seafarer, free magazines make a nice read for yourself or a gift subscription to your family member or best bud. The forms are easy to fill out, and you don't enter any payment info, so set sail and request your freebies.

Sign up for a FREE subscription to Cruising World and enjoy the water ways.
Sign up to get a free year of Yachting Magazine and find your dream ship.
Sign up for 8 free issues of Marlin Magazine. I  requested my subscription this month and looking for it in my mailbox soon.  
Happy free reading!

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Freebies today from Gooseberry Patch, Eastmans, and Morton Salt.

Gooseberry Patch is offering a free kid friendly cookbook. They have great cookbooks! To request yours go to

Eastmans Hunting Journal is offering a free trial issue. Look over on the right for the image and click on it to sign up for your free offer.

Morton Salt is offering a free water testing kit to see if you have hard or soft water. To request yours go to

Freebies today from MOO, Moms Rising, and Proven Winners

Well, another snow day! I hope you are safe and warm.
A few freebies for a snowy Tuesday:

two offers from MOO: is offering a free sample pack of their products.  go here to get your sample pack. is offering 10 free custom business cards go to to get yours.
I'm a fan of their business cards.

Moms Rising is offering a free magnet stating moms changing more than diapers.

Proven Winners is offering a free 2013 book. To get yours visit them at Winner's Circle for your gardening idea book.  

Change it up in the bathroom with Cottonelle® Fresh Care

I know, who wants to talk about the bathroom? Cottonelle®  does. They have a new thought to your bathroom routine. A two part clean with Cottonelle toilet tissue and new Fresh Care flushable cleansing cloths from the Kleenex company.

You can flush the cloths! They break up after flushing so need to worry about them in the plumbing and yes, the toilet paper is flushable as always.
Cottonelle® Fresh Care™ Flushable Cleansing Cloths come in a very stylish container you can keep on the back of the potty or on the counter in the bathroom. Put a dispenser in every bathroom, make your guest more comfy, and make it a conversation piece when someone asks what is that container in you bathroom?

Refills are available and easy to load in to the dispenser. When you purchase Fresh Care there is a package of cloths inside, pick up a refills to have one on for later.
For a two part clean use Cottonelle® Toilet Paper available in Ultra Comfort Care, Clean Care or Gentle Care and use Cottonelle ®  Fresh Care cloths.

Disclosure: I received Cottlonelle products for this post.
The comments and views are my own.

THE NUT JOB in theaters January 17, 2014


In animated 3D, “The Nut Job” is an action-packed comedy that follows Surly (voiced by Will Arnett), a mischievous squirrel, who must plan a heist to get into his town’s biggest nut shop in order to help his pals in the park gather food to survive the winter. Together with his sidekick, Buddy, he will assemble a ragtag crew to help him get inside – and take them on a fun-filled adventure that they’ll never forget.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

What to see and do at the Philadelphia Home Show 2014

The Philadelphia Home Show had it's opening day yesterday and I was there! The home show is open today, January 19, and January 20. It will also be open next weekend on January 24, 25, and 26th. The home show is the Philadelphia area's showcase of the newest trends, products, and ideas in home building, renovation, and decorating. If you are in the market for any of these services or products this is the place to find them. There are rows and rows of vendors offering information on their products and services often with special pricing at the show.  

I was amazed at the quality of products available to update, upgrade or start new with your home. From kitchens, bathrooms, pool, patios, and other living spaces you will find it all under the Philadelphia Convention Center's roof.

My tips for visiting the Philadelphia Home Show:
  •  Visit the home show's web site for the schedule, ticket information, and directions at
  •  Free parking and shuttle available at the Sugar House Casino to and from the show.
  • Review the schedule to see when Ahmed Hassan, formerly of  DIY Network’s Yard Crashers,and  John DeSilvia of DIY’s Under Construction and Run My Renovation will be at the show.  
  • Pick up a free copy of House & Home when you enter the show for a map and event schedule.
  • Wear comfortable Shoes and clothing.
  • There is food for purchase at the show or you can head across the street to the Reading Terminal Market, which is what we did for lunch.
  • There are plenty of freebies available like tote bags, pens, pencils, magnets, and other loot so pick up what interests you.

My top picks of what to see and do at the show:

1. Crafty Camper. Denise Sabia has transformed a camper into an adorable mobile craft workshop and market. Visit her at and on her blog The Painted Home. This is my favorite exhibit at the show, even though I would love a new kitchen or bathroom from the show, the Crafty Camper gets my #1 pick of what to see and do at the show because we had a similar trailer when I was growing up, just not as cute at the Crafty Camper.  

2. Simon’s Sticker Room by IKEA: A room with a message.This room started out as a white room with furnishings from IKEA. The idea is to let show guests take a sheet of heart stickers (provided by IKEA at the show) and place them anywhere in the room they choose. The thought behind this is to raise awareness for Simon's Fund with screenings and education. Be sure to stop by and put your heart out there!

This is the room when we visited the show on the first day in the morning. They want the room to be full of hearts, so do your part and decorate.

3. Habitat for Humanity’s Unhinged Challenge: DIY bloggers, celebrity experts, and style makers took part in the  Ultimate Upcycle Challenge. Their task was to re-purpose a door from the Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia ReStore location. My pick for the most creative.useful, and worthy of voting for your favorite project daily on the Facebook page.

You can vote for your favorite upcycled project and all items are for sale too. Read about blogger Kim Wardell's upcycled project on her blog Design Life Kids that is on display at the Philadelphia Home Show. Take a look at her upcycled door:

(photo above courtesy of Kim Wardell, Design Life Kids)

4. Family Day on Monday, January 20, It will be a day filled with activities for kids and families.  All kids under 12 get in FREE and since it is a holiday it's most likely a day off school so take the kid to the Philadelphia Home Show.

5. Hero Day on Friday, January 24 help celebrate our local military, fire fighters and police officers. Invite them to go to the show with you.  They receive one free ticket when they show their military ID.

Disclosure: I received  a press pass to the Philadelphia Home show for this post.
The comments and views are my own.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Give your medicine chest a check up with homeopathic proudcts from Boiron.

New Giveaway added, enter the raffelcopter below for you chance to win all three of the products listed in this post.

There are many choices in pain relief on the store shelf, so how do you know which medicine is the best for your body?  I am a label reader, so that's where I would begin to look for the best choice. When I read the label and see ingredients that are un-natural or known to be harmful I put the product back on the shelf.

What did I find on the shelf I bought?
I've been using Arnicare® from Boiron for about a year. I use it for lower back pain.  I found this product at my local drug store a while ago. I don't know if it the store always carried it or it was a new product for them, but the thing that caught my eye was that it was a pain reliever that works naturally with our bodies. Sold. Arnica Gel is a homeopathic medicine and is Paraben free.

Arnicare Gel by Boiron: visit

What I like about Arnicare, Arnica Gel:

Homeopathic Medicine.
Available in most drug stores.
Reasonably priced.
Easy to apply.

Works naturally
Absorbed quickly
Non greasy
Paraben free
Sells for around $9.99 for a 2.6 ounce tube.
Active ingredient is Arnica Montana, a natural ingredient.

You can use Arnicare for your neck, back, shoulder, muscle pain and stiffness, swelling from injuries, and bruising. I have used Arnica gel for my back and for bruising. To use, apply a thin layer of Arnica Gel to the affected area up to three times daily. Apply the gel as soon as you can after minor injuries. (note, this is not medical advice of any kind. please see your doctor for serious or persistent pain)

Boiron has homeopathic medicine for colds, coughs, and flu like symptoms. See the complete line at  and look for the coupon near the bottom of the page.

The Boiron company has been making homeopathic medicine since 1932

More homeopathic medicines form Borion:

Oscillococcinum®,  for cold and flu season:

Oscillo by Boiron: visit


Use for flu-like symptoms.
Body Aches
No side effects.
No drug interactions.
works naturally with your body.

Chestal® Honey Cough Syrup:

Multi-Symptom formula
Use for Chest Congestion
Use for: Dry and Productive Cough
Non drowsy
Dye Free
No drug interactions.
Works naturally with your body.

Boiron Logo - Click to visit 
Join Boiron's social circles:

google plus

You can also sign up for their newsletter for news and coupon offers on their web site at

Enter for your chance to win a trip to PARIS here: and for a $2.00 off coupon for the purchase of  Oscillococcinum®

Giveaway: Happy Healthy New Year News, Boiron wants to give one lucky reader all three of the medicines mentioned in this post. For your chance to win all three of the products mentioned in this post,  Arnicare Arnica Gel, Oscillococcinum®, Chestal® Honey Cough Syrup: enter the rafflecopter widget below. Open to residents of the contiguous USA. Must be 18 or older to enter. One winner will be sent the products from Boiron. No post office boxes for shipping reasons.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I received products from Boiron for this post. The comments and views are my own.

ARM&HAMMER™ has a new Foot Care collection. It's cool mist of relief.

It's the season of hot and humid weather. Hot weather and I are just not friends. Arm and Hammer has two new invisible sprays, one for...