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THE NUTCRACKER AND THE FOUR RELAMS in theaters November 2, 2018

From  Walt Disney Studios: Nutcrackers, Ballerinas, Snowflakes, a magical key, mice, and and unstable land. How will Clara and Phillip re-store order to the land that they love?  Will the magical key work, and can they go through all four Realms? In 5 days The Nutcracker and the Four Realms will be in a theater near you! check out the film's social pages for more insight into the film: Facebook:    https://www. Twitter:       https://twitter. com/disneystudios     #DisneysNutcracker Instagram:  https://www. disneysnutcracker My Priceless gift: My Aunt Mary, bless her soul, gave me a little porcelain angel with my October Birthstone gem embedded on the angels front. I don't remember her giving it to me, it could have been a birth gift. All I know is that the angel sat on my dresser all my life and it still sit upon my dresser. It's a reminder of family, the love of God, and my Aunt Mary. She ta

Chris Tomlin, Holy Roar CD GIVEAWAY

  Set to release on October 26, 2018,   HOLY   ROAR , the newest  CD by Chris Tomlin will be available.  On October 23 a companion book will also be available-   Holy   Roar :   7 Words That Will Change the Way You Worship   set for October 23. Chris Tomlin is a acclaimed singer and songwriter who has sold tons of albums, received many awards and recognition for his work as a songwriter and singer. He shows people how to worship through singing, he is a worship leader. Starting at a young age playing the guitar, his love for music continued through college and has lead him to church worship, and leading his own church in worship. Hop on over to YouTube to see and hear what makes people enjoy his music and worship.  Bio: Chris Tomlin is one of the most heralded singer-songwriters in the world who has amassed an impressive body of work. He has sold more than 8 million albums, 11.3 million digital tracks with 16 #1 singles. Chris is one of only four artists ever

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies, Blu Ray GIVEAWAY

The Teen Titans are noticing that all the super heroes. like themselves are stars in movies, so hey, why can't Teen Titans go to Hollywood, find a producer, and star in their own film? How easy does that sound? I guess pretty simple, but when they arrive in Hollywood, they are mislead by an evil villain that is acting like he will produce their movie. But he has another plan and it doesn't involve making the Teen Titans stars. be sure to visit Teen Titans Go! To the Movies  on their  very own web site: Teen Titans Go! To the movies is set to release on October 30, 2018. Gift idea: Fill up your child's Trick or Treat bucket with Teen Titans Go! To the Movies   DVD or Blu Ray Combo Pack as a  treat on Halloween night. Add popcorn, juice, Halloween themed paper plates, cups, and napkins, or even better Teen Titans paper party goods.    Movie Night or Day: Have a family movie night or let the kids watch the fun o