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Ellie Claire offers amazingly beautiful devotional journals. Holiday Gift idea indeed.

These three journals from Ellie Claire pictured below are in my opinion extremely beautiful and sturdy. The covers are textured, inspiring, and well designed. There is an elastic strap on the binding of the journal for you to keep your favorite pen or pencil as you wish for always having a writing instrument with the journal.   I know if I was browsing the book store waiting on my daughter to select her books, I'd be attracted to the covers of these journals and have to pick them up and look them over. It would be hard to choose one to purchase. I'd buy all three and tell myself I'll give them as gifts, knowing in the back of my mind I'm keeping all three! yep.  Faith & Lettering ,  The Illustrated Word , and  Illuminate Your Story . I'm particular to certain brands of pens. Funny thing is my most favorite brand is one I received as a high school graduation present as a pen and pencil set. I still have part of the set, and since then have purchased othe

GIVEAWAY: NIV Adventure Bible,Polar Exploration. The Christmas gift find for this holiday season!

CHRISTMAS TIME GIVEAWAY   NIV Adventure Bible, Polar Exploration Edition features: Hard Cover Book, sturdy, sparkly, colorful, tons of images, inset questions with answers, "did you know" text with a penguin, "words to treasure" with a treasure chest image.  1500 pages of text, plus... Name plate page  Welcome page How to use this Bible page Contents page with Books of the Bible Dictionary  Colorful Maps #1 Bible for Kids ZonderKidz  book brand Every Bible you purchase helps Biblica translate and give Bibles to those in need around the world. USD $29.99 So, this edition of the NIV Bible is really special and fantastic. It's got loads of colorful images, people, places, and things of the books of the Bible. A great read for bedtime stories all the while you can strengthen your own faith as you teach your children what it means to be a Christian. Still Christmas Shopping??? Ha, I am!!!  Well, who could you give a this book to: Ba

CREED II images and trailer are here! Movie in theaters November 21, 2018 #CreedII

With the holiday season soon upon us, I'm looking for breaks in the hustle of the days activities. Perhaps some kind of Christmas display we can stroll through, a movie that the family can watch at the theater. You know. to give us a chance to sit down, no laundry to do, no dishes to wash, and put the phone on silent.  This year CREED II will be on our list of movies to see. Why? Well, it looks like a story that will keep us in thought for a while. It's exciting, yet heartfelt. Everybody loves the winner, but winners work hard to get to that level. If you have been on any sports team, most likely you know the effort and devotion needed to reach the top performance. My favorite movie like that is Remember the Titans, oh wait The Replacements was really good too. How about The Blind Side-even better, you've got family, education, and hard work that pays off in all aspects. From the cold rainy night of being homeless to a warm comfy home, a boy is loved and cared for as

Put Cuddle + Kind on your holiday gift list and help provide meals to children in need.

Whoa, I found a cat in my mailbox. Yes, a cat. It's true.  We have an extra large mailbox, so, a cat could really fit inside.  He told me his name is Maximus, and he was born on July 26. I asked him why in world was he in my mailbox? He replied: I Like to meet people, and of course I like fish, and sunny spots to take a nap in.  Then he just kept talking and telling me that for each doll purchased, like himself, 10 nutritious meals are provided to children in need. So, I said well, come on inside my warm sunny house and tell me more about how a cat can give meals to children in need. (I didn't tell him we have a fish tank because we don't eat those fish, but I had some cat treats for a back up, in case he asked for a snack). Once we got inside my house, he said open your lap top and go to  Cuddle + Kind  web site. There I saw so many soft, cuddly dolls like Maximus. There are lambs, dogs, bunnies, unicorns, and mermaids, fox, deer, and mermaids. Oh my