Ellie Claire offers amazingly beautiful devotional journals. Holiday Gift idea indeed.

These three journals from Ellie Claire pictured below are in my opinion extremely beautiful and sturdy. The covers are textured, inspiring, and well designed. There is an elastic strap on the binding of the journal for you to keep your favorite pen or pencil as you wish for always having a writing instrument with the journal.  

I know if I was browsing the book store waiting on my daughter to select her books, I'd be attracted to the covers of these journals and have to pick them up and look them over.
It would be hard to choose one to purchase. I'd buy all three and tell myself I'll give them as gifts, knowing in the back of my mind I'm keeping all three! yep. 

Faith & LetteringThe Illustrated Word, and Illuminate Your Story.
I'm particular to certain brands of pens. Funny thing is my most favorite brand is one I received as a high school graduation present as a pen and pencil set. I still have part of the set, and since then have purchased other pens of this said brand. As far as journal or coloring tools, I might just have to go shopping for some fancy new pens and pencils for my journals.

Well, whatever you like to write with be it a pen or pencil of some type ink or lead, you'll want to use it for handwriting in these journals from Ellie Claire.

The journals feature; art style, and teaching ability, and are an interactive way to get creative in your quiet time. Yes, quiet time. Who couldn't use more of quiet time? Find a hour or so to have your quiet and devotional respite.

Faith & Lettering Journal offers Bible verse pages for you to trace over, then try on your own to write the verse, then space for practicing your creative style of writing the verse.

Illustrated Word is a coloring journal. Forty illustrations for you to color. The journal also has illustrations from the archives of the Museum of the Bible. This is your journal and keep it special to you. The back covers tells us that medieval monks brought scripture to life through handwritten and illustrated manuscripts. 

Illuminate Your Story Journal offers a history Illuminated letters. The letters of the alphabet fill the pages and show us the steps in creating are own illuminated lettering. Perhaps we will graduate to write our Christmas Cards or Thank you notes as we share the beauty and spiritual feelings through creating illuminated letters and even drawings of animals. An elastic band is attached to the journal for keeping it closed and also a ribbon for a place marker.

The three journals are beautifully created with art work, design, materials, and size able enough to put in your purse-if it's kinda big, or carry along in your office bag or keep by your nightstand. 

Visit Ellie Claire to see more journals and really nice gift ideas. 
Disclosure: I received the three journals mentioned in this post. The comments and views are my own.

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