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All the magic and thrills of the show under the big top tent are coming to the theater on Friday March 29, 2019 in Disney's DUMBO . Wild animals are trained to do spectacular tricks and leaps through the air. Super tall clowns walk around the ring while juggling colorful balls, then there is the talented people high up at the top of the ten walking on thin wires, hanging upside down, and amazing all of us that are watching. The film looks truly amazing with all the old fashioned glory of the circus and awe of the families watching the performances. If I were a member of the circus, I think I'd like to be, hmm, let me think about this a minute. I'm probably not going to sign up for the trapeze artists, or riding an animal while performing acts, maybe I'd go for the animal trainer. And I'm only basing that on the fact that we have a cat. A house cat. I feel pretty connected to that cat. Lion Tamer is a bit more than being a domestic cat parent, but it's

GIVEAWAY. INSTANT FAMILY DVD and art prize pack from Paramount Pictures. Use the art set every instance you watch the film.

How was your weekend? I went to the Philadelphia Flower Show on Saturday with my husband and youngest daughter. It was really fantastic, but so crowded. I was ready for a cold drink and lunch/dinner by the end of the afternoon. We headed to Whalburgers Restaurant in Philadelphia. You know, the famous Whalberg brothers, Donny, Paul, and Mark from their music, movies, television shows, and restaurants. And guess what-I watched a movie staring Mark Whalberg this weekend also. the mr. takes a selfie with the brothers at Whalburgers By Sunday night the hubs and I were ready for some living room time on the couch with a movie, I had been waiting a few days to watch a certain film, but thought I'd wait to the Mr. was available. So Sunday night was the night! We watched:  INSTANT FAMILY , starting, Mark Whalberg and Rose Byrne. This Blu-Ray combo pack, DVD, and  Digital version will be for sale in stores on Tuesday March 5, 2019. Shop for the Blu-Ray-DVD-Digital Combo where you