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My Favorite things of this week

My sister clued me in on these one!   Kleenex brand  is having a promotion that allows you to send a  package of Kleenex brand tissues to the person you choose.  All you have to do is visit the web site, fill out your name and whom to send the tissues to! My FAVORITE THING is; the box is adorable, and it is free to send and free to the recipient. While you are at that site another favorite product of mine is the hand towels made by Kleenex.  The paper towels are in a box/carton that easily fits on the top of the toilet, counter, and where I use them-on the towel bar in my downstairs bathroom.  If you flip the box upside down it fits along the wall and on the towel bar to dispense the towels one at a time.  It works great and you only need one towel since the quality is just as good as Kleenex has been.  Target, Shop Rite, and most major stores sell the towels.  Look for a coupon on those little red machines on the shelf.  My FAVORITE thing is that they have Holiday Patterns on the boxe

Join the Party

A Party?  What Should I bring? Nothing! These web sites of major brands will offer you products-Free-for you to try with your friends and family.  The   HOUSE PARTY  web site offers interested people brands to test by you inviting Friends to your house, and  then sharing their response of the product with the company. There is not a company representative there, and you do not sell anything. It is just like you are having a get together with your friends-no salesmen etc.  No order taking.  These are products that may be available in stores or are so new they are not in stores yet.   House Party will match you to brands you are interested in and send you an email application, and then if your application is selected they will send you the product to test, samples for your invited friends, coupons and information on how to get your party started. After the party you give  feedback from you party, such as a survey, comments, pictures.  Go to their site and go to Explore tab you can see wh

Kitten coupons and web sites to join

With the adoption of a kitten there comes the purchase of all those cat related things; a litter box, litter, litter box liners, feeding bowls, brushes, toys, and food.( My most unlikable thing is the litter box.)  The items we have purchased so far have been working out well for the kitten.  Yesterday we bought a pack of colorful small plastic balls with bells inside.  The kitten had a lot of fun chasing the balls around the house until they went under a place he could not reach.  Go with the multi pack even though they will all be under your couch in a short time.   I have looked at some web sites from the products  we have purchased so far.  Visit the sites and  you can sign up for special offers, newsletters, promotions and coupons. Click on the highlighted word to visit the sites   ARM AND HAMMER Cat Litter available at grocery and chain stores.  HILLS SCIENCE DIET ,  this food is mainly found in Pet stores,  and ECO FRIENDLY TOYS, this company uses recycled and natural materials

We have adotpted...A Kitten

 playing with the curtains   After three years since the passing of our cat, Bugsy, we went to the county animal shelter and applied  for adoption of a kitten.  My youngest daughter picked him out from the cute cats and kittens at the shelter.  His name is SeƱor, she picked this name.  He is twelve weeks old and is gray and black stripped.  He came home with us yesterday!  He is very playful, and is eating well, and sleeping.  We have been enjoying him run around the house and happy he can roam freely. We all took turns watching the kitten last night since he is not on our sleeping schedule yet...  We are all wanting to hold the kitten and keep it cozy.  When he is not napping, he is running around the house and playing with the one and only toy we have purchased so far-we had an older cat before and toys were not as interesting as they are to this kitten!   Although the kitten has had all it's required medicine, and the like from the shelter we will be making a veterinari

The first three Christmas Catalogs have arrived

My household has received the first three Christmas catalogs of this season,  this week.  Although the catalogs are interesting to page through, what to by for whom is the dilemma.  At this point in October shopping is not on the front burner of my list.  Each day getting closer to the Christmas Holiday will bring more catalogs.  I enjoy looking through them, especially after the dinner dishes are done!  If you have young children to buy for looking for that "hot toy" is more likely to be bought in a store, than a catalog the way I shop.  Sales and Coupons for store purchases will be increasing too, "Black Friday" is even getting a jump on the season with stores having great sales earlier each year.  Check your local newspaper for store coupons to clip out, and holiday catalogs offering extra savings NOW. 

Do you use the bags from the store, or do you use reusable bags?.

Grocery Store Reusable Bags L.L. Bean  (r) tote Bags Target (r) Method (r) reusable bags When I was a freshman in college I purchased an L.L. Bean boat and tote bag to carry books back and forth to classes.  Since that first purchase I have added many more to my collection in different sizes and colors, for my familyuse. I carry a small or mini size everyday with extra stuff in in such as tissues, and all those shopper cards, just things I don't want to carry in my purse.  I have used the L.L. Bean bags for a million different things, even ice and some drinks (as far as I know the original use of the bags were for  ice).  I have machine washed some bags even though spot cleaning is the recommendation from the company.  These bags are strong canvas made in Maine.  Most of my bags are stored in the garage along with the store tote bags. Which brings me to the point of why do I have so many bags?  I really do like tote bags, I used to buy one as  souvenir on trips, got the free ones w

Is it Christmas already!

This past weekend I noticed Christmas Decorations and loot for sale in several stores, and ads are showing cheery families dressed in their winter attire. It is October, can we have Halloween and Thanksgiving first?  I realize some people are already shopping for Christmas and the sales are starting to rev up for bargain hunters, however what is the rush!!!  Lets just wallow in the falling leaves-which are still pretty green here-carve some pumpkins and eat too much candy.  Of course you can compile a list, budget for those items, keep an eye out for a sale, and if you really have to, BUY it now.  The older and of course wiser I become, the thought of holidays becomes a time of family get togethers and some yummy food.  The children opening presents is fun to watch, escpecially if I have bought the RIGHT item.  Shop for bargins, don't decorate... yet.

Sale Sail Sale

Just discovered some events going on at Old Navy.  I found a few flyers at the check out register:  Saturday 10/16 from 7-10 AM sweaters are $10, from 10/15-10/21 if you use store card for purchases; you can get free kids item with adult purchase, from 10/22-1/28 cardholders can get 40% of select Fall fashions,  a coupon for Great Clips Haircut for $2 off until 10/31, and on the receipt a survey when completed will earn you $5 off next visit!

weekend Shopping Deals

My favorite part of the weekend is looking through ads in the weekend newspapers.  For a time we had three different newspapers delivered to our driveway (it was great for extra coupons, but trees and cost got the best of me).  One newspaper covered the area South of us, one newspaper covered the area North of us, and the other paper is The New York Times.  Presently, The North has won, local, and The New York Times.   I do use the coupons in the paper for grocery, and retail stores.    I keep retail store coupons in a small tote bag that I can grab heading out the door, and grocery coupons are kept in a small clear plastic file box to easily look through in a hurry. Back to the weekend, this weekend actually, JCPenny has an ad with a coupon for an extra 15% of when using their store card, and door busters Friday and Saturday.  When I was younger we always called that store Penny's, my children always say "it is JCPenny mom"  true it is and I read this week that James &qu

Cleaning Product Clutter

I took all the cleaning products from under my kitchen sink and took this picture.  The reason I did this was because I was cleaning and was looking for a certain product, which of course was found under a bathroom sink.  It seems like cleaning the kitchen or bathroom requires each room to have the exact same cleaning products.  For example, three bottles of toilet bowl cleaner.  I have been using Borax for towels in the laundry for several years. The back of the box states Borax can be used for kitchen and bathroom cleaning.  You can add it to the dishwasher soap for extra cleaning power.  Borax is natural and will deodorize.  As far as a liquid soap for cleaning, Sals Suds Cleaner is a new one for me, in fact I haven't purchased or tried it yet.  According to their web site you can use this cleaner for dishes, laundry and anything else.  Ok, so I am down to one box, and one liquid cleaner (after I use up what is in the house now I will purchase the Sals Suds Cleaner). 

Pink Umbrellas

This a picture of an umbrella I purchased years ago from  BLOOMINGDALE'S  with the pink ribbon logo.  The pink ribbon movement began in 1991 by a famous woman related to the cosmetic industry.  Since then the pink ribbon logo can be found on everything from: food products, housewares, toiletries, clothing  to umbrellas. However you chose to participate in this month of pinkness: buying pink ribbon merchandise, making a monetary donation, or participating in an fundraiser, make it count!!!

Clean house Clean air

What is under your sink?  When  METHOD   brand products became available, I was interested in the ingredients. The company uses earth friendly solutions in all their products.   Method has not only packaged cleaning products in stylish, user friendly bottles, containers, and packages,they really work.   How many times have you sprayed down the bathtub walls and are holding your breath until you can get to an open window?  Try Method spray cleaners, they come in great scents too, like Spearmint, and Lemon Verbena.  Method has a full line of cleaners to not only clean your house, but make it smell like Mother Earth intended and not like bleach! Visit their web site View the entire line, look for specials, sign up for their email, and read all their happenings.  Method  sent me this tee shirt several years ago!  It is made in America by American Apparel.

School pencils and Halloween

After a few days of needed rain, the sun is shinning today.  Fall is my favorite time of year.  The new school supplies,(Lisa Frank pencils shown from five below)the falling leaves, pumpkins and mums on porches, Halloween decorations inside and outside!  Going from the Summer Season is not my favorite time of they year.  There are those long Summer nights of staying up late visiting with my neighbors, picnics, sleeping in late.  Every season and holiday in my house is a time for decorating! Halloween loot is being unpacked from totes and strategically placed around my house and yard.  My college age daughter asked for some Halloween decorations the other day... the trend continues!

Rewards for online surveys

  There are surveys that will pay you cash, give you points, or earn gift cards.  mysurvey, and swagbucks are a good start.  Be sure to read the fine print, in the terms and use of the survey site before you agree to sign up for the surveys. Another good idea (from my husband) is to look up what other people have written about their experience with that site.  

Happy Birthday! Happy Free Goods!

Wow ,who knew you could get free goods from your favorite stores in your Birthday month. Look up these web sites:  Red Robin   (coupon for free burger),  Famous Dave's BBQ  (free food code) Swagbucks   (is a survey site but gives you points you can redem for stuff, birthday points too) Chili's Grill (free coupon for food),  DSW ($ off purchase of shoes).  Famous Footwear (coupon for $off purchase).