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Easy find for store coupons

There are pages of coupons on, under the shopping tab.    Free shipping is offered on some coupons, percent off, and dollars off by using the code on the coupon. Join you favorite stores email, newsletter, or club to receive free coupons from the company.  They are usually sent to your inbox, but even through the USPS.   I have found coupons on the Mall info counter for stores. Just look as you walk past the counter or even ask the attendant for store coupons. Back to school time and holidays are sure bets for the coupons, keep looking EACH trip to your favorite mall.

Paper or Plastic

  This summer my sister gave me a couple boxes of PAPER STRAWS. I must say they are so cool.  If you remember paper straws from your childhood then you will appreciate finding paper straws again.  My sister and I have been looking for paper straws for a long time.  I even asked The Vermont Country Store to carry them, never got a response.  Of course you can buy old boxes of straws on  online auctions and the like,but who wants to use those for drinking?  My guess is that paper straws are making a come back because of the paper or plastic debate.   I really love the stripped straws in all those neat colors .  They really make a party or just a cold glass of Coke A Cola so much more fun.

Scensibles bags and how to get your own free sample UPDATED ON 10/15/10

scenscibles (r) bag and dispenser box I love finding new products, my newest favorite is Scensibles bags! (C heck out their WEB SITE )   Finally a pleasant way to throw away female products.  These little  personal bags are great for your girls bathroom, dorm rooms, public bathrooms.   The company is very friendly to the environment.  We have a box in all our bathrooms, and its great for all the girls friends that visit too.  It is so much more dignified to use these bags for used product disposal than to use a ton of toilet paper or worse just pitch it in the trash.  UPDATE BEGINS HERE: Visit the web site by clicking on the highlighted word WEBSITE, you can request a FREE SAMPLE (petite box ) by submitting a request form.  I highly recommend  requesting the sample, it is free, and a look at their website.

Want free stuff?

Recently I have read articles about web sites offering free goods!  Check out:  shespeaks and startsampling ,for free samples and new products. If you have a favorite product visit their website and let them know by adding  a comment or sending them an email. I know there are always products I really like and then the company discontinues them.  I usually write an email asking for the product and am told the product is no longer being made. Sometimes they will send you coupons for other products.