Want free stuff?

Recently I have read articles about web sites offering free goods!  Check out:  shespeaks and startsampling ,for free samples and new products.

If you have a favorite product visit their website and let them know by adding  a comment or sending them an email.
I know there are always products I really like and then the company discontinues them.  I usually write an email asking for the product and am told the product is no longer being made.
Sometimes they will send you coupons for other products.


  1. Hey, when did you start a blog?! I am assuming this is the Alison I know since she is reading a book by a mutual friend. (Staying Centered) ;) Maybe I am wrong. Then, I would be really embarrassed!

    Sarah P.

  2. Hi Sarah: yes it is me! Hope it is ok to put your blog on my following list?


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