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How to improve lunch with Lunchbox Love

How cute are these little cards? Lunchbox Love ®   cards for all occasions. Fun to add to your Trick or Treat goodie bags or add one to you kids school lunch box. The Thanksgiving set is perfect for place settings or to have each person at the dinner table read their Lunchbox Love ® card aloud. The Christmas set is great for stocking stuffer, enclose one in your Christmas card, or add it to your gift tag. This is the girlfriends set. Perfect for saying Thanks or just say to say "hi". Want to get your own sets?  Visit I have ordered from them before and have had great success. The shipping is quick and the prices are very reasonable.  Add some "love" to your kids lunch box or brighten up a friend's day with these adorable cards.  They are made of heavy stock paper with darling graphics and cute quotes. They are packaged in a storage case you can easily carry with you or keep it handy in your kitchen drawer. Disclosure:  This post is of my own vie

The Rookie Bake-Off Challenge is ready for you

Start your ovens-Pillsbury has started it's first ever Rookie-Bake Off Challenge® How to enter: Submit a creative recipe, inspiring story, and awesome photo. you should be able to prep the recipe in30 minutes or less. you can use up to 5 ingredients one needs to be a Pillsbury refrigerated dough product. It is a six week challenge, you have a chance to win $500. There will be 6 new  doable-(don't you just love that word) recipes to vote on each week.   To get the official scoop- Click Here . good luck and happy 30 minutes or less prepping. Disclosure:   I received this information from Pillsbury through MyBlogSpark. Please visit for specific information. the views and opions are my own.

Trucking on Thursday with Defiants

  Have you seen the hot new trucks for kids yet?  Defiants 4x4 trucks are mini but mighty motorized trucks.  They are on sale at Target for a limited time. If you are not near Target, the truck are available in other stores nationwide.    The regular price at Target is $7.99 the sale price is $5.99. Defiants are pocket sized vehicles with real gears for power and speed. Pick a few up this weekend at the sale price. They make great gifts!  See the trucks in action on their     web site.   Disclosure: This post is written for a promotion with One2OneNetwork. The views and opinions are my own.

Wordless Wednesday: Wedding Wow

My Nephew and his bride had the most beautiful wedding on Saturday afternoon.  My sister, his Mom made tons of lovely flower arrangements. Here are a few of them: This is a vase with white roses submerged in water with lights inside and floating candles on top. It got ewes and ahas.

Try new Vicks (r) Nature Fusion with a $4 coupon.

get yourself a nice $4.00 coupon good on new Vicks Nature Fusion and be one of the first people to try this new product with saving money! Sign up with VocalPoint and get more coupons, samples, and be the first to know about new products! Disclosure: I am a member of vocalpoint and just am passing along a good deal.

noblo ™ is an anchor for dry land mate!

Why would anyone want an anchor for dry land?  Not for a boat, but for a beach umbrella! Moms and Dads rejoice! nobo ™ is a nylon bag you or the kids fill with sand to anchor your beach umbrella. Easy to use, fun to use, and provides safe sun protection. Three easy steps and the umbrella is anchored for the day. 1. fill the bag with sand and cinch the bag closed. 2. attach the Velcro strap above the umbrella spokes. 3. set the bag to the side. Done. Head to the waves and come back to your shaded, anchored spot on the beach. When you are ready to head home, dump out the sand, roll up the bag, and store it in your beach bag for the next trip. noblo ™  is the idea of two Mothers that enjoy days on the beach with their families. Umbrellas being carried away in the ocean breeze was a concern. The result is  noblo™  , a nylon bag that comes in yellow, pink, turquoise blue, black and bright green. It is  made in New Jersey, USA. A portion of the sales is donated to United States Life Saving A
Maggiano's  is offering a family fun night.  Face painting, crafts, bingo, prizes, buffet for kids and adults, and make your own Sundaes. Friday October 28 from 6-8 PM. $20 for kids 3-11 and $25 for adults. Kids in costume receive a treat bag to take home.  Check  your location  for details as this is the location in my area. 

Share some of your cozy feelings with Hanes new Facebook app.

You know that comfy feeling when you wear your favorite shoes or sweater-the one that makes you feel relaxed, a little more cozy.  Now you can send that comfy, cozy feeling to someone you love. Free. Send a virtual Comfort Package by visiting Hanes  and click on the PINK tab.  This is a new Facebook application where you can personalize a virtual comfort package to send to friends and family. When you send a free virtual comfort package, Hanes will donate $1 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.-up to $25,000.  The money will be used to promote early cancer detection programs and mammograms for those who are in need. Put on your cozy sweatshirt or slippers and send that feeling to someone you know by customizing your Comfort Package. Add photos, videos, recipes, a favorite song, and a message to your comfort package.  Show your love and support to your loved one by sending  a free virtual Comfort Package from Hanes . What a great idea! Disclosure: I participated in this campai

Keeping the Peace at Family Events

We have a family event to attend this weekend, so today I am thinking about what I need to pack.  I don't travel light. Extra clothing, extra toiletries, extra snacks, probably too much extra.   Those extra- extras get us though long events, times the kids need to be occupied.  I keep a bag full of coloring books, crayons, stickers, and fruit snacks. Quiet things to do.  It is ready to go with us at any moment-scheduled or unscheduled. Filled with activity sets from dollar stores, clearance sales, and quiet toys. One of my favorite things to keep in this activity bag are printables.  I print out worksheets, word searches, crossword puzzles, fill in the blank, and holiday related sheets the kids can complete.  Stick to using crayons or colored pencils so the markers-washable or not don't end up on their cute outfits or Grandmas furniture. Some of my favorite sites for printables are: Say Please-Lunchbox Love- this site is perfect for Holiday printables to keep the kids busy whi

SwagBucks has some Fall games for you!

SwagBucks lets you shop, search, and more while earning rewards. Free registration.  Get rewarded for your time using the world wide web. Why wouldn't you! Redeem your SwagBucks for merchandise and gift cards. Fall Classic starts Monday October 24, 2011 Join a team on Go to the registration page and click "I Want To Play" You will be auto-drafted to a team. You should be directed to American Swag or National Bucks. Registration is open until Wednesday October 26. You can start earning for your team as soon as you are drafted. Complete as many activities as listed below: You have until November 2 to score points. Members of the winning team that scored at least one point for their team will get a bonus of 25 Swag Bucks. Runner up team members who scored ad least one point for their team will earn 10 Swag Bucks. Four ways to earn, each one scores a different number of points for your team. A SEARCH is worth 1 point. Earning from a Task is worth 2 points Compl

Mailbox and Mall freebies

Some freebies and deals: stock up now for Holiday gift giving. Free is the best kind of shopping! get a free sample set from Find your Bliss visit Target Samples daily . Last week I got this cosmetic bag filled with samples and coupons. Enter to win a $500 shopping spree from Bath and Body Works Visit Bath and Body Works stores and get a coupon booklet

Make a big impression when you send Christmas Cards from Tiny Prints this year.

Christmas cards are one of my highlights of the holiday season. Yes, I still send them out. It's the time of year to catch up with old friends and relatives. Our family Christmas card also comes with a letter telling  the family's news of the year. Neighbors and friends that we see on a regular basis receive a Christmas Card from our family too.  Receiving Christmas Cards is just as much fun as sending them. Christmas cards seem to reflect the person or families personality, making the greeting special. How do I display Christmas Cards? Holiday cards that we receive are displayed on our fireplace mantel. Strung with a piece of twine with miniature Christmas tree clips, end to end on the front of the fireplace. As the cards are received, opened and read, they are added to the collection. Family photo Christmas cards that we receive are put in a binder after the New Year. It is fun to see how the kids grow from year to year.    Where am I going to purchase my Christmas Card

Making memories with Chesapeake Ribbons

There is something relaxing about life on the water. The waves,  the shells, the sun, the sand.  Maybe  because it is a place for vacationing or for those that live by the deep blue sea and live and breathe all things nautical-I tend to wish that was me. Equipment needed: Adirondack chairs, beach chairs, campfires! As a child I spent many of Summers vacationing at the beach with my family. Strolling the boardwalk in the evening, taking in the sites, smells and sounds of the beach community.  As an adult I have made the trips with my own family-making memories. Another memory are the ribbon belts my parents gave to me in my high school days.  Since I have children of my own, and like to expose them to my happy childhood, finding Chesapeake Ribbons is exciting!  key fobs and pony tail holders pony tail holder Owned and operated by a  stay at home mom, she offers personalized attention, trendy accessories, and quality products. Classic ribbon belts, barrettes, ribbon key fobs, ribbon hea

Chicken for dinner? Try Hellmann's® Chicken Challenge Recipes.

Every two weeks I buy a big pack of boneless skinless chicken, divide it up, and put it in the freezer. Then I make the same handful of chicken dinners every month. Our bookshelf is full of cookbooks and recipes in binders.  It doesn't help my cooking much for them to sit there! Here is a challenge-a Chicken Challenge to help with the dinner routine. Weekly  Chicken dish challenges to help a mom like me find some diversity in my handful of recipes. Each week on two chicken dish "challenger" recipes will go up against popular Hellmanns ® recipes. Vote for your favorite, get the recipes, and even watch how to make the recipes all on Enter the sweepstakes to win a $250 grocery gift card. If Hellmann's ® gets more than 10,000 entries, the amount doubles to $500 for the gift card. (ends December 5, 2011. Rules on What recipe looks good to you?  I am going to liven up my weekly chicken dish with this recipe. Won't my family