Keeping the Peace at Family Events

We have a family event to attend this weekend, so today I am thinking about what I need to pack.  I don't travel light. Extra clothing, extra toiletries, extra snacks, probably too much extra.
  Those extra- extras get us though long events, times the kids need to be occupied.  I keep a bag full of coloring books, crayons, stickers, and fruit snacks. Quiet things to do.

 It is ready to go with us at any moment-scheduled or unscheduled. Filled with
activity sets from dollar stores, clearance sales, and quiet toys.

One of my favorite things to keep in this activity bag are printables.  I print out worksheets, word searches, crossword puzzles, fill in the blank, and holiday related sheets the kids can complete.  Stick to using crayons or colored pencils so the markers-washable or not don't end up on their cute outfits or Grandmas furniture.

Some of my favorite sites for printables are:

Say Please-Lunchbox Love- this site is perfect for Holiday printables to keep the kids busy while holiday meals are cooking.

Dover Publications-this is the company that has those cute little books with so many different themes and topics.  Click the free sample tab for printables.

The Organized Christmas -This site is my all time favorite site for printables for kids and myself.  You will find loads of printables for organizing your life, your entire holiday, and great things for kids to do around the holiday time. Any holiday that is. 

When you print out all these sheets, go with colored sheets of papers that match the holiday. Save the white paper for the important stuff.  You can also save ink when you opt for the economy printing and black ink only setting on your printer. Look in the properties or preference settings for your printer.

Do you keep an activity bag?  What's in your bag?  Do you have a favorite site for printables? 

Disclosure:  This post is my own views and opinions. That's all.

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