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New Camp Label Packs are here for a limited time from Mabel's Labels

Hey, who's toothbrush is this? Can you imagine the scene in the bathroom at sleep away camp? Combs, brushes, tooth paste and brush, shampoo, and a toiletry kit full of everything you could think of to pack-left on the sink in the shower stall, or the towel hanging on a hook.  Label it! That's my motto for personal items from water bottles, backpacks, shoes, electronic stuff and everything in between. Mabel's Labels are truly one of my favorite brands I've come to value since I started this blog. Each member of my family has a set, I order sets from time to time for new little ones in our extended family, and at Christmas time for stocking stuffers.  The past few days have been cold and rainy, but Summer plans are being made! Mabel's Labels has new set for Day Camp and Sleepaway Camp.  I tend to over pack for camping, or really for any trip, for that just in case moment. Mabel's Labels are perfect for any age to keep personal items safe and snug in their day pack