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Butterbean’s Café: Let’s Get Cooking DVD giveaway

My niece is a fan of the show Butterbean’s Café. So much so that her parents turned the family kitchen into a café style birthday party for her. She has twin sisters that love to mix, stir, and bake in the kitchen too. So, of course when the email of this darling kit was in my in box-  I showed my Sister in Law this photo... and she shared these photos with me...the three sisters, and yes,her younger sisters are twins!  Did you know that Butterbean's Cafe had the highest rated Nickelodeon preschool launch since "Paw Patrol" in 2003 and ranked among the top 5 shows for kids ages 2-5 in 2019.  The DVD includes 8 yummy episodes and four recipes for families to enjoy inspired by the show. I n  Butterbean’s Café: Let’s Get Cooking  the kids help Butterbean with her yummy parfaits and tasty quiche that just happen to outdo Ms. Marmalady. Cricket is assisted with her first menu as she learns to pipe icing on to cupcakes; Dazzle run

THE WAY BACK movie night giveaway.

‘ The Way Back ’ will be in theaters beginning March 6, 2020. A thought from the film: We can't go back to the past, but we can move forward. I just happen to have two Fandango tickets to giveaway for this film   starring Ben Affleck, but first a bit about the film: Jack Cunningham (portrayed by Ben Affleck ) is struggling with addiction when a priest offers him the job of a basketball coach position at his (Jack's)  former high school.  Jack reluctantly accepts the job. During his coaching he finds a glimmer of hope for his future and a second chance to make his life positive. Did Jack play basketball in college? Professional? or did he take a different path after high school?  Mistakes, wrong turns, wrong crowds, and wrong decisions can weigh us down that keep us from grace. We become stuck, reluctant, and unable to move forward when the past is heavy on our soul. Move forward and don't sit in the past.   Find your peace. Find your faith .  Close