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THE TIGER RISING digital code giveaway

The Tiger Rising comes to digital release on February 8, 2022. Based on The New York Times best-selling book by Kate DiCamillo. The film is based in rural Northern Florida. I never thought of Florida as rural or even having a Northern part, it just all seems South to me. But, then Florida is full of nature in the water and woodland.  In this story, there is a tiger living in a cage behind a cute retro looking motel in Florida where 12 year old Rob Horton and his Dad live.  My first thought was ok, where did this tiger come from, does someone care for the animal, and why is the tiger in a cage? I wouldn't feel safe if the tiger was roaming the streets of my town, but I also would feel sad the tiger was in a cage, all alone in the forest. Rob's mother passed away from an illness and he and his father have moved into the motel as their home. His father seems to keep his son at arms length in sharing any emotion at all. Rob of  course misses his mother, but he and his f