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Halloween at home

With every passing year my decorating style becomes less is best. For me that is. I truly love decorations for any season and holiday. Shopping during holiday time is something I love to do with my girlfriends, and of course there is lunch and girl talk! It is difficult not to buy every holiday decoration I fancy, but my dreams of Airstream travel trailer living are making me downsize the decorations. We don't plan on full time travel trailer living-but the thought of Maine in the Summer is on my list. Back to the decorations: A look at my attempt at downsizing the Halloween decorations in my house, plus having grown kids helps with less over the top decorating every nook and cranny. The fireplace mantel is where is at these days. I love these little wooden creatures from Primitives by Kathy. The pumpkins and spider were made by my daughter. (above) craft store find Bath Body Works candle, pumpkin from John Wanamaker, and candle holder from Party lite. Pottery Barn dish and Christm


Interested in watching  The Space Between Us before it opens in theaters?  (December 2016) It looks awesome, and Britt Robertson (as Tulsa) is one of my favorite actresses   ever since Dan in Real Life! She plays the role of the earth girlfriend to Gardner Elliot (played by Asa Butterfield) Imagine a group of people travel to Mars to make it their homeland. There is a pregnant women on board the flight-did she know she was pregnant, did anyone know? Her baby is born on Mars, a son. However the father is on earth.  As her son grows older he longs to meet his father on Earth. He befriends a girl on Earth and manages to meet her in real life-on Earth. It's a different atmosphere than Mars, will he survive on Earth? Watch the trailer on this post for more about the movie. For a chance to get free tickets go fill out this form -at the bottom of the form be sure to choose location for screening.  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area only. Limited amount of tickets available for free screening


How fun does this film look!  Opening Spring 2017 in theaters. Cast line up:  Demi Lovato (Smurfette) Rainn Wilson (Gargamel) Joe Manganiello (Hefty) Jack McBrayer (Clumsy) Danny Pudi (Brainy) with Mandy Patinkin (Papa Smurf)

MIDDLE SCHOOL: THE WORST YEARS OF MY LIFE in theaters October 7, 2016

My kids attended a catholic school, and sadly it was closed by the diocese. So giving them the option of where they wanted to go to middle school was their choice. They chose the township middle school. I must say they fared out very well, but I as a mom, that's a different story. Middle school years are full of emotion, changes in your body, and well, you know the rest since we have kids or have been kids ourselves.   I even spent a few years as a substitute teacher in the middle school, not while my children attended middle school, so I wouldn't be that nerdy mom in school with her kids. I did however say to myself, I can't believe I let my kids go to this school. It's not all bad, the teachers were good, but wow the teenage years are peer pressure.  Anyway, back to the film, MIDDLE SCHOOL-It looks pretty funny, and a good example of students taking back their school, not in a dis functioning way, but in a way to show the faculty that there are way too many rules and