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Beth Hart puts the bang and boom back into her music with her NewAlbum, "Bang Bang Boom Boom"

I don't usually put a video at the beginning of a post, but Beth Hart's personality and voice is one to be shared. Beth has been playing keyborads since she was four years old with the intention of becoming a classical pianistic or cellist. She got off track from her successful singing tours, press, bookings, and label. An undiagnosed bi-polar condition, drugs, and alcohol took her away from her great career for a time. She is now happy, healthy, clean and back on track.  She has completed recording her second album with Joe Bonamassa with a Summer  2013 release date planned.  Her first tour in North America in more than a decade begins in April 2013. The three New York shows sold out in a few hours, Nashville, and Philadelphia are sold out as well. Bang Bang Boom Boom is all written or co-written by Beth Hart. It was recorded live in Southern California in early 2012.  Beth brings her life experiences to her music, the good and the bad.  She has rebuilt her career touring in t

Sister Act is coming to Academy of Music this April. Get your tickets now.

Show dates are Tuesday, April 2, through Sunday, April 7 at Academy of Music in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  This is part of the Broadway Season. Visit Kimmel Center  for show times and tickets. Check out the video about the play on thier site too.   The play looks amazing. Remember the movie of nuns who find their voice with the help of witness hiding out in the convent. Watch the story live at Academy of Music April 2 through the 7, 2013.   Disclosure: By sharing information for Sister Act, I received two tickets to the show.  

See Jurassic Park 3D this weekend at Franklin Mills Mall theater, for FREE-hurry and RSVP.

SEE JURASSIC PARK IN 3D WITH YOUR FAMILY! SATURDAY, MARCH 30 10:00 AM AMC FRANKLIN MILLS you can RSVP with the link below, and request up to three seats. Do not leave your RSVP on this post or blog, use this link: JurassicPhilly RSVP to the link above, seats are limited and are not guaranteed, this is a free screening, get there really early if you get a confirmation for this film. It is first come first serve so get in the line early.

Wordless Wednesday: Easter Decorations

old glass jar from my Grandmother, filled with jelly beans  two hand carved Spring Gardeners (above) from one of my husband's trips to Germany also from another trip to Germany, hand carved Mr. and Mrs. Bunny (above)  these two are from a gift shop I worked at many years ago. My favorites.  this duck is from my Grandmother's house, the price tag on the bottom is 89 cents.  I bought this carrot salt shaker at a flea market Fenton glass butterfly jar my co-workers gave me from the gift shop when I moved.

Giveaway of Toby Lightman's New album "Holding A Heart"

Enter this giveaway to win an official download of the album: Holding a Heart by Toby Lightman.  Details below . One of my favorite songs from her new album is " Holding a Heart " which is also the title of the album. Her smooth voice is full of feeling, soul, and reflection. The songs are about relationships, life, and optimism. Don't miss listening to " We Are " this one is whimsical. It has a catchy beat, about who we are in this world. “Lightman’s dusky vocals and earthy, groovy vibe invite comparisons to Joan Osborne and Sheryl Crow” - USA TODAY “no small talent…Toby Lightman continues to shine a light on her knack for making rich, soulful pop” - PEOPLE New York songwriter Toby Lightman continues her busy schedule with the release of a new EP entitled "Holding A Heart" which is available now. The title track is beloved by Lightman's fans and was recently featured in 90210 as well as One Tree Hill and Vampire Diaries . Stay tuned for more t

Sam Shelton's new video "Dizzy" premiers at Hello Giggles, watch it here!

LLO GIGGLES PREMIERES NEW Hello Giggles premiers Sam Shelton's new video "Dizzy" from her album 'Reservoir'. Buy the album today! BEN LEE PRODUCED ALBUM 'RESERVOIR' OUT NOW In her latest video, the laidback LA songwriter shows her vengeful side as a 50s greaser determined to get revenge on a cheating loved one. The video premiered at Hello Giggles decalring, "...busy, beautiful, and literally full of life..." To expand on that, Sam and her husband are expecting. Watch "Dizzy" below from the new album Reservoir, out now and keep an eye out for that baby bump.    STREAM "LAZY FOR YOU " FROM RESERVOIR STREAM "BREAK INTO ME " FROM RESERVOIR STREAM "I WON"T SHARE YOU" (THE SMITHS COVER) 'RESERVOIR' ON iTUNE S Shelton has videos for the singes "Break Into Me" which premiered at American Songwriter and "Lazy For You" which premiered at IFC . Check out both below. WATCH: &qu

Homemade with Love, Simple Scratch Cooking from in Jennie's Kitchen, book review

    Homemade with Love, Simple Scratch Cooking from Jennie's kitchen, By Jennifer Perillo   There are a handful of cookbooks on my bookshelf that I turn to a few times a year. I'd like to say I use them every day, but that is not reality. I've got a pile of recipes I cut out of magazines, or printed out from web sites, but the truth is I cook the same old meals most of the time. The funny thing is that I enjoy reading recipes, especially recipes that are easy to follow, don't require special ingredients I have to track down, and meals my family will actually eat.   Homemade with Love, is a cookbook, a guide, and a resource. And it's not going on the book shelf-because it's one I want to use, read, and explore.  Her book is heartfelt. I like her approach to cooking from scratch, buying local, visiting farm markets, and spending time with family and friends in the kitchen.    Jennifer's husband passed away in 2011, she is a parent of two, a working mother, and

Admission opens Friday 3/22/13 and it's blogger buzz and Twitter Tweets a plenty

This film is already getting a ton of good conversations. The blog world is talking this film up!  I have heard many good thoughts on Tina Fey and Paul Rudd in Admission. I really liked Paul Rudd when he played a boyfriend to one of the girls daughter's in the show Sisters. He was so cute in Clueless and every film he has been in. I am glad to see him so active in the film industry. Tina Fey is a favorite too, Date Night was so funny especially because I live in New Jersey where the lived.  And I am not far from Princeton so this is a film top on the list. Make a date this weekend to go see Admission. Spring is holding off and snow is still flurrying about, so stay inside and go to see it. I participated in a #AdmisionChat tonight on Twitter. It was trending, that means it is popular, and the conversation was moving. You had to keep up with the party there were so many tweets about this film tonight. Good movie buzz for Admission. ADMISSION – Friday March 22, 2013   Tina Fey (

Win Purex plus Fabric Softener with Crystals Fragrance.

Just when you thought laundry detergent was at it's best, Purex®  introduces Purex®  plus Fabric Softener with Crystals®  Fragrance. Yep, that's right Purex now has Crystals®  Fragrance all in one bottle. That's a cost saver, Purex plus Fabric softener with Crystals Fragrance cost less than the leading brand saving you $45 a year. You don't have to buy fabric softener or dryer sheets anymore. Get clean clothes that smell fresh with the fragrance of Purex Crystals. I happen to love Purex Crystals added to my laundry with detergent, and you can still add them to this new formula for even more long-lasting freshness. To keep your clothes clean and bright DirtLift®  Action in in Purex laundry detergent, it works deep into clothes to get the dirt out. I've been using Purex Crystals since they were introduced two years ago. My oldest daughter insists on Purex Crystals added to her laundry.  The fragrance does last for a long time and smells wonderful.   That's a great

Giveaway of Three Copies of Les Misérables on Blu Ray DVD combo Pack

You know that part of a DVD that prompts you to select play, scenes, bonus, set up while bits of the movie play? I did not get past that for several plays through the song "Do you hear the people sing" with  people of France waving their flag, and singing about they will not be slaves again.  The song is so moving, so powerful. It can stir up your the strength within your soul, it can remind you of the freedom of being an American, and it can bring you to tears of sadness, happiness, and joy. Now on to select play: I saw Les Misérables at the preview screening last year and was captivated, motionless in my seat. The DVD has the same effect. You'll be taken back to another place, another time. The cast is perfect, the singing is moving, and the scenery is real old world "Paris". As I watched Les Misérables it's a reminder to myself, a wake up call for us all to be humble, be better. To forgive each other, let go of our egos, help each other at times of need,

Giveaway-Three winners for New Soft Scrub Advanced Surface

Our kitchen is looking a bit dated, it is less than 15 years old, but it looks dated to me. By that I mean "I'd like a new counter top, stove, and refrigerator". We have replaced the sink and dishwasher with stainless steel. I like the look of stainless steel, it looks clean and smooth. Stainless steel does show fingerprints, spills, and splatters. The cleaners I have used in the past leave a smudge/smear from wiping the dirt off, and it looks dull. this is not my kitchen, but I wish it was!!! Soft Scrub Advanced Surface is new and is made to clean and polish premium surfaces like granite, marble, glass cook tops, and stainless steel.  Do you think I can convince my husband to replace the rest of the kitchen appliances now? I'll be able to keep those surfaces looking like new with Soft Scrub Advanced Surface.  Cleaning is a breeze-apply it to the surface and wipe away with a sponge or paper towel. Rinsing is not required. That is a time saver too. So my case for new

Waves for Water's Hurricane Sandy Relief Initiative

Sharing this post: As we all know, Hurricane Sandy (or Superstorm Sandy, if you prefer) did some seriously terrible damage to our Jersey Shore.  Since the powerful storm left our area, we have been trying to help connect people who need help with those willing to give it through our Facebook page  Hurricane Sandy Support Page- South Jersey .    It's been a while now, and people are still in need of help.  We figure it's time for us to step up and try to make some money for charitable causes that are doing their best to help those in need.   While painting shells with my daughter last month, she and I thought about different ways we could help.  Then it hit us: How about asking local artists to use elements from the Jersey Shore to make beautiful pieces of art we could auction off?  We could do it all online and have all money go to a worthy charity.  Hmmm... it just might work! That's how Sandy Treasures was born. I talked it over with my two other wonderful administrators

Giveaway-3 Winners for New Purex Natural Elements Tropcial Splash Laundry Detergent

Sleet and snow are in today's weather forecast. It's one of those gloomy gray days. I'm so ready for sunny Spring days. Yesterday I changed the plug in scent warmers to a lighter fragrance, put away Saint Patrick's day decorations and started working on Easter decorations...   And, did laundry. I think our washer and dryer ran all weekend. My daughter returned home from a trip to Paris. It snowed there too. You can not run away from Winter.  What happened to Spring time in Paris?  She left on a snowy day and returned home to cold weather instead of sunny skies and green grass. I am so happy to have her home, but there was this  suitcase of laundry to unpack, wash and pack again to head back to college.  Clothing that traveled around the world needs to be washed with  a laundry detergent I trust, I needed the right detergent for the job. New Purex ® Natural Elements ® Tropical Splash ® was the winner. Purex detergent gets clothes clean, but also keeps them bright and wh

My favorite Irish Blessing

May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind always be at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, and rains fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of His hand. Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Giveaway of Shutterfly Yearbook for your child's lasting school memories

March is half way over,  Spring break is on the way, and  we will be wishing for the end of the school year by Memorial Day. New Jersey Schools go until the third week of June. That seems so far away...and now is a good time to start planning for the school yearbook. The end of the school year highlight is yearbook day. My girls look over their yearbooks long after school is out for the Summer. It's a keepsake for sure!  Shutterly has a  new style of yearbook called Best in Class. All their yearbooks are colorful and personal. I love that you can choose the size of the book, hard or soft cover, and how many pages. Once your order, your yearbooks will be there in two weeks. Shutterfly Yearbooks are the easiest way to preserve school memories Shutterfly Yearbooks have bright vivid colors, personal, and are thoughtfully made since you make it personal.  It is fun to look through yearbooks and see your classmates, the memories of the year, and events. With Shutterfly you choose which p