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Winter Holiday merriment with Mrs. Grossman's totally awesome stickers.

Were you a sticker fan as a kid? I was in college, and still am. I loved those rolls of stickers that stationery stores sold. You could cut off one little square of this and that and go home with an assortment of cute little animals or shapes and flowers. I just don't see any stationery store offering rolls of stickers any more-but you can order from Mrs. Grossman's -yep that's my favorite brand. It's the season for stickers!  Decorate with stickers : Greeting cards Bills, the mailman needs some cheer too Packages Lunch bags Notes Letters Gifts Envelopes Gift cards-seal the envelope with a sticker. So, for Christmas and Winter here is my stash: Made in USA. I ordered the ornament stickers on a roll, but they came in sheets! Disclosure: non sponsored, non affiliated, non compensated. no kidding!  Sticker fun, that's all. 

Free ebook UNSHAKEABLE and a giveaway of the book: BLESSINGS OF UNITY, God's Best for our marriages, by Richard T. Case

Being married is awesome, right? I think so. We grow spiritually and emotionally together. And then the kids come along. I remember when our first daughter was born my husband and I both thought we were right about everything and anything baby. And then, we were at odds. Tired, sleepless, and without unity. But... We are both right. It shows we both have the child's best interest at heart. It's love that makes us think we are each right in our own way. How do we find that unity again? It's in the Bible. Marriage also has the gimmes-stuff-material goods. I want. He wants. The kids want. So we buy stuff. Are we happier? Maybe? I feel like too much stuff in the house just adds to the emotion of a family running about the house. I'm not saying don't buy stuff, actually I feel toys and books are essential for children's development. Just don't buy junky stuff-been there. The Blessings of Unity: God's Best for our Marriages , by Richard T. Case discusses keys

Easy on the money tree, decorations from Dollar Tree.

quick update: half of Halloween stock going on now at DT.  Stock up for next year for even less than $1.00 Dollar Tree picks for Halloween. Up first, paper cut outs : cat, witch,monster, and pumpkin These paper hanging decorations are fun to hang around your house.  You can unfold the tissue paper arms and legs, or let them fall out naturally. I fold tissue paper back to it's original shape and put a paper clip on it to secure for next season.  I put one in each window on the first and closet doors.  Do a little dance...  solar Halloween characters.  Look for holiday solar pals year around at DT.  I thought I felt a witch. She's whimsical and made of felt. wood sign wood sign  paper or washi tape This tape is awesome for decorating cards, planners, gifts, and whatever you can imagine I suppose. I can't wait to see what the Christmas tape will be.