Monday, January 31, 2011

Start Getting your Calcium in a Free Cup Of Yoplait Original Yogurt Today

Calcium.  Why do we need Calcium?  It helps build and maintain our bones, and is a main component of our teeth.  Yoplait Original Yogurt  (r) now has 50% of the Daily Value of Calcium your body needs Yoplait  is helping women get started on getting the calcium they need by giving away cups of yogurt in the Yoplait One Million Cup Giveaway. Click the link to get your free cup of yogurt. You can also "like" them on Facebook to get your free cup of yogurt.

 I recently held a taste testing  of Yoplait Original Yogurt (r).  The most popular flavors were: Lemon Burst, Key Lime Pie, French Vanilla, Harvest Peach, and Orange Creme.  Yoplait has a list of the flavors available on their web site and more information on Calcium.  Yoplait Original Yogurt also contains 10-20% of the daily Vitamin D your body needs.
It is the only leading adult yogurt to provide Vitamin D.  One cup of Yoplait Yogurt: Calcium and Vitamin D and it tastes good according to our taste testing. 

 We played a trivia game given to us by MyGetTogether, see if you know the answers: (ok, I will help you out with the answers)
If your body does not get enough calcium from your diet, where does it take calcium from?
answer: YOUR BONES
Calcium absorption is helped when paired with what mineral?
answer: VITAMIN D
up to 90 percent of peak bone mass is acquired by what age?
answer: 18 Girls 20 Boys
What body parts is calcium a key component of?
answer: YOUR BONES and TEETH
Half of women over what age will break a bone?
answer: Age 50 (yikes, I am getting close to that!)
Only 20% of women get enough calcium.  What percentage of women could meet their daily calcium recommendations by adding just ONE yoplait original to their diet each day?
answer: 77% 

Yoplait Yogurt is also great for recipes.  You can use it for Taco Dips, Fruit Dips, Baking, and toppings.  You can find recipes for using Yoplait Original Yogurt by clicking here and using the New tab for Recipes.

Disclosure:  Yoplait Original  provided me with this product and information through MyGetTogether.  The opinions are my own.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stars and Stripes and Snowflakes

United States of America Flag
Lilac Bush

Wooden star with sleigh bells

Monday, January 24, 2011

 I found a cute background fitting for the next holiday; Saint Valentine's Day.  In my searching for backgrounds I found this one at Hot Bliggity Blog.  This site offers free and custom backgrounds for blogs, for everyday and holidays.  I guess I will just resign myself to the fact I like holiday decorations, and I hope to change the background with the holidays/seasons.    Hot Bliggity Blog has instructions on how to change your background of your blog.
Another site I came across in my background searching is Shabby Blogs for backgrounds, buttons and custom backgrounds, they offer free and custom backgrounds as well.  They just re-did their web site and the backgrounds are really nice.  I have some of their buttons on the side of my blog.
The last web site I looked at was Lee Lou Blogs, this site is just as nice as the other two, and offers free and custom backgrounds for blogs, and Twitter accounts.  If you are looking for a new background, or to add to your design these sites are worth the look. Look for instructions on these web sites to walk you through the designs.
Happy looking and Happy whatever Holiday it is!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow and the Garden

We woke up to snow today, and School!  It is Friday and I was wishing for a snow day but, I will be glad in June for less make up days due to snow.  It is  only January and the plant/seed catalogs are arriving in our mailbox.   By February/March  bulbs and some plants are emerging from the cold winter ground, even with snow on the ground.  
Frangipani Flower

Catalogs of Garden tools, planters, vegetable and flower treatments, and patio furniture are also arriving in our mailbox.   Last year one of my very favorite stores Smith and Hawken closed their store doors.  It was always a great store to find good quality garden accessories, and gifts.   Several years ago Target started to sell selected items from Smith and Hawken and I figured once the store closed and Target sold all of its merchandise they had ordered from Smith and Hawken that would be the end of the products.  But wait, I found a brochure in Smith and Hawken aisle that stated Target will be continue this brand in the store and on their web site.

the daily life of my kitchen table, with the New brochure!
It is like a store within a store!  From Target's web site you can view,Outdoor Furniture, Gardening,Decor and in the store are some of the products.  So if you are gearing up for Spring and Summer look no further than Target for good quality English style Smith and Hawken products.  I did clean off my table, by the way!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Cooking Healthy Food For Your Baby and Win Your Wish List

Last week I had a few days of not feeling so well.  My household had three different aliments going at once last week, but happily all on the mend.  Between, bland foods, soft foods, and not wanting any food for all all, I began to think about the food we eat on a daily basis.
There are areas for major improvement and areas we are doing OK in.   Mothers always say to eat your vegetables.  My least favorite are Green Beans. My parents have a garden at their house, I was always the Green Bean picker. We ate fresh vegetable most of the year from the garden. Now that my husband has taken a liking to growing his own "jersey" tomatoes and asparagus we enjoy the fresh vegetables as well. 

  When my children were at the state of  "baby food" I was not fond of buying all those little jars of food for them.  I usually "smashed" whatever  cooked vegetable we were having for dinner and gave it to the girls that way to eat.  To this day they still like vegetables and fruit, even Green Beans!  Baby products seem to get better every year, for awhile I wished for more kids just so I could buy all the great cool new products that made life easier.  A company that can really help with food preparation and serving is  Baby Brezza .  THE ONE STEP BABY FOOD MAKER from this company is one of those products I would have wished for at the time.  You can steam and blend in the same container with this maker.  It also has the separate settings of ; steam, blend, reheat, and defrost. There are settings on the maker for you to chose the consistency of the food for age appropriate children. Click  Baby Brezza  to watch the video to see how easy the maker is to use. You will find using this maker is cost saving by making your own
baby food instead of buying individually high priced baby food.  The ease and convenience of the steam and blend operation is a time and step saver.  The parts are dishwasher safe too.  You will know exactly what you are feeding your baby since you put the ingredients in the maker as opposed to reading a list of ingredients on the label of packaged foods.  There will be less waste from not having packaged baby food, less for recycling, and for the trash can, and less to clean up. Here is another great thing about the baby food maker:

From January 13, 2001 until February 13, 2011 Babies 'R Us Gift Registry will be giving away and entire Registry to one lucky Mom that is registered, when you ADD the Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker to your Resgistry list and click this link to enter and for all the details,  If you are a Mom to be, know someone that needs baby items, have a baby already, or need a gift for a baby shower this is a great product and a really great gift.  If you aren't filling out a Baby Registry you can purchase this item at Babies 'R Us as well.  However, winning one and your entire Registry is a great way to start Mommy life!!!  I know a few Moms that would appreciate a Baby Brezza Baby Food Maker, if you are looking for a gift or wish to enter, click the link!  On the web site you will find other great products from this company such as a Grain Basket to cook Rice, Barley and Cereal to use with the Baby Food Maker.  So head on over to the web site, look around , enter the contest from the links above and cook healthy, budget,environmentally friendly food for your baby.

Disclosure: I was entered for a chance to win a gift card and Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker in exchange for this post.  Monetary exchange did not take place.

Friday, January 7, 2011

P&G Future Friendly

While you are making your New Year's Resolutions take the step to join P&G Future Friendly Challenge.  I joined the Challenge to reduce waste, save energy, and save clean water.
I received a sample package of Cascade Action Pacs from P&G to help with my challenge.

Ok, so what does using my dishwasher have to do with saving energy, water, and reducing waste I thought.  This is how Cascade Acton Pacs fit into the challenge; reducing water use.
The Cascade Acton Pacs are designed so that I do not have to pre wash anything I put into my dishwasher, using up to 2,600 Gallons less water per year (based on an average of four loads per week).The Pacs have DAWN as an ingredient in the cleaning power.  I use Dawn for the things that do not go in the dishwasher-I do not use any other brand ever.  Even if I do not have a coupon for Dawn I will buy it because I know it works really well, and there is no point to spend money on something else that I do not prefer.  Now that Dawn is in the Pacs for the dishwasher that would be enough to convince me to buy this product, but since I have this sample to try, I did!  The Pacs are easy to use, just place one pac in the detergent area of your dishwasher, no measuring, no pouring of liquids, gels or powder, this is  a time saver.

I don't normally pre wash anyway, and had an expectation that the dishes would be clean, but the glasses, I usually have to run the rinse cycle again..
The result after using the Cascade Action Pacs on the plates, silverware, and any baked on casseroles I loaded in came out clean, no leftovers on anything.  But, the glasses, they finally were cleaner than when I started the machine, and shinny.  I was impressed by the cleaning power, and shine on everything.  The pacs contain Shine Shield formula, and it worked great for the entire load .
I am using less water to pre wash, and now I do not have to post rinse the dishes that did not come out clean the first time.   I am using  less energy and less water on that second rinse.  Since I won't be buying my old brand of dishwasher detergent, that was wrapped in plastic, inside a cardboard box, less waste. You can sign up to take the P&G Future Friendly Challenge by clicking HERE (or any of the highlighted words in this post) to see what you can do to reduce and save resources.  Check out the slide show next to this post from SheSpeaks to see what other ways you can reduce, and save. Become a fan on Facebook , follow them on Twitter @FutureFriendly,and visit their web site SheSpeaks to read more about this program.

Disclosure:  P&G gave me this product to sample.  This is my own opinion of this product.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year's Evolutions

The week between Christmas and New Year's Day is one of my favorite times of the year.
The shopping is done, the house is decorated, the gifts are wrapped, and unwrapped, and everyone is off from school or their job. There are relatives to visit, parties to attend, and time to relax a bit. This year was  busier than last with  Doctor visits for both kids, whom now seem to be on the mend. 
The New Year brings so many resolutions and hope to make life better in someway.  Diet plans, exercise machines, health clubs, storage solutions, and home improvement thoughts are all over the place.  I could pick a diet to follow, OR  just eat better food.  I could pick an exercise machine out to use, OR go outside for a walk.  
  Perhaps for me, my resolution is not a resolution but an evolution to improve upon conservation of natural resources.
 Paper and Plastic goods is a place for me to start. I was following  Project Green Bag on Twitter one night and found myself the lucky winner of a tote bag from this company.  The bag is made in the California, !00% biodegradable, 100% cotton, washable, and offered in different styles.Check out their web site to order your own bags and read about their news.  It is a roomy bag, easy to load up at Target or the grocery store.  The Project Green Bag has made me take note to all the bags I am accumulating since stores are offering reusable bags.  Either way, you need a bag, made from some resource, so pick out a natural material bag.  Here is the evolution for me, use  bags I already have, All the time.
I forget the bags,  so here is a solution to that: The Tote Buddy , organization. 
It keeps all your bags together, from falling out of the car, out of the shopping cart, and flying away in the wind.  The binder type organization keeps the bags flat and comes in different patterns.  Swing on over to her web site to see how it works, and the Woman behind this great idea.

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