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While you are making your New Year's Resolutions take the step to join P&G Future Friendly Challenge.  I joined the Challenge to reduce waste, save energy, and save clean water.
I received a sample package of Cascade Action Pacs from P&G to help with my challenge.

Ok, so what does using my dishwasher have to do with saving energy, water, and reducing waste I thought.  This is how Cascade Acton Pacs fit into the challenge; reducing water use.
The Cascade Acton Pacs are designed so that I do not have to pre wash anything I put into my dishwasher, using up to 2,600 Gallons less water per year (based on an average of four loads per week).The Pacs have DAWN as an ingredient in the cleaning power.  I use Dawn for the things that do not go in the dishwasher-I do not use any other brand ever.  Even if I do not have a coupon for Dawn I will buy it because I know it works really well, and there is no point to spend money on something else that I do not prefer.  Now that Dawn is in the Pacs for the dishwasher that would be enough to convince me to buy this product, but since I have this sample to try, I did!  The Pacs are easy to use, just place one pac in the detergent area of your dishwasher, no measuring, no pouring of liquids, gels or powder, this is  a time saver.

I don't normally pre wash anyway, and had an expectation that the dishes would be clean, but the glasses, I usually have to run the rinse cycle again..
The result after using the Cascade Action Pacs on the plates, silverware, and any baked on casseroles I loaded in came out clean, no leftovers on anything.  But, the glasses, they finally were cleaner than when I started the machine, and shinny.  I was impressed by the cleaning power, and shine on everything.  The pacs contain Shine Shield formula, and it worked great for the entire load .
I am using less water to pre wash, and now I do not have to post rinse the dishes that did not come out clean the first time.   I am using  less energy and less water on that second rinse.  Since I won't be buying my old brand of dishwasher detergent, that was wrapped in plastic, inside a cardboard box, less waste. You can sign up to take the P&G Future Friendly Challenge by clicking HERE (or any of the highlighted words in this post) to see what you can do to reduce and save resources.  Check out the slide show next to this post from SheSpeaks to see what other ways you can reduce, and save. Become a fan on Facebook , follow them on Twitter @FutureFriendly,and visit their web site SheSpeaks to read more about this program.

Disclosure:  P&G gave me this product to sample.  This is my own opinion of this product.


  1. I hate water spots on my glasses, so anything that makes my dishes come out clear would be great!

  2. Just wanted to stop in & say hi as a new follower looking forward to more of your posts :)



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