Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Product Review of New Purex Complete Crystals Softener

Today it is three days after Christmas.  Most years I am knee deep in putting away the after Christmas sale loot I have hauled home from my favorite stores, BUT snow began falling late in the morning yesterday making my shopping trip cut short.  I did go out for a while in mid morning, but made my way home in the snow and cars slipping off the roadway.  So, instead of being knee deep in Holiday  wares for next year, we are knee or higher deep in fluffy white snow.  The wind is blowing, the snow is drifting, the sun is shinning so bright, and I have piles of laundry to wash...

My oldest daughter is home for her semester break from college, and so is her entire wardrobe of college  clothes.  She brought the clothing home to sort out what to keep and what to give away. All of it needs to be freshly washed and dried.  Perhaps I should have asked Santa Claus for an extra  washing machine! However, the day before Christmas I received a package from Purex
In the box was a  new type of fabric softener called Purex Complete Crystals.

 I read  the information sheet that came with the product and found out that  the Purex Complete Crystals  are 92% natural and are not oil based.  Sounds good so far, who wants oil in their clothing and towels anyway?   The Crystals also keep the flame retardant qualities of Children's sleepwear. It is safe to use on Athletic ware, and keeps your towels absorbent and fresh for weeks.

So, I started the washing machine, added the crystals as per instructions, (I also use Purex laundry detergent) added the clothing and shut the lid! The fragrance I tried is called Fresh Spring Waters. Smells great.  I do like the fragrance and the clothing came out great.
They are not overly perfumed, they are soft, and don't have that over done fabric softener feel.  The added plus  I found out  was the Crystals made my laundry room smell nice ( and the cat box is in there too-ugh) so it was a nice little extra that the crystals in the laundry and the bottle could freshened up the room.

The Purex Complete Crystals Softener are so new that today is the first day they are for sale.  Walmart will be the first store carrying them and in January other major stores like Target will begin selling the Crystals.  I like the fact that you do not have to lug home a big jug of softener,they are 92% natural, the crystals smell nice, they are easy to use, and can make your laundry area smell great.

Disclosure:  I am a Purex Insider and have received a sample of this product, however this is my own opinion of this product.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

O Tannenbaum

The German word Tannenbaum translates to the  English language as O Christmas Tree. O Tannenbaum, or O Christmas Tree is a traditional German Christmas Carol about how ever green the trees branches are... The Christmas Tree has it's origin in Europe 500 years ago. German Settlers brought the tradition of The Christmas tree to Pennsylvania which then spread through America.
Five hundred years ago Real Christmas trees were used, but in modern day times the artificial tree has made it's appearance in homes and business world wide.  The great debate of buying a real vs fake tree has been in the spotlight lately and to set the record straight I suggest you visit the official place for answers, The National Christmas Tree Association.  Here you will find the pros and cons of the real vs fake tree, the history of the Christmas tree, a topic of Myths of Christmas Trees.
I love the smell of fresh cut pine in my house.  I place tree branches in every nook and cranny in my house.  It gives it the Holiday feel and look, unless our kitten finds it first.  This year our real tree is not decorated due to the fact our kitten thinks we put it in the living room so he could climb it at will!

I have several totes of ornaments from my childhood, my kids childhood, and ornaments that we as a family have received or bought.  A  favorite of mine is the German company Kathe Wohlfahrt.  They offer traditional German Folk ornaments and decorations. Having  a real tree in your house may incur some events such as spotting spiders, needles falling on your floor, and the wonderful fragrance of pine.  An artificial tree has a lead warning on the box, is made from PVC, is not able to be used for compost, and is not made from a renewable resource.  I am not promoting the use of real or artificial trees.  Educate yourself on what tree works best for your lifestyle. I have a real tree and an artificial tree that I bought this year to hang to ornaments on that my mother made.
I do not have a good reason I bought the artificial tree than a real tree,other than I had to put it in the basement (kitten again), and the thought of spilling water all over the place wasn't on my list of another thing to clean up. ( bad excuse, I know).
If you chose a real tree, be sure to recycle, or compost it.  Our town offers a curb side pick up of trees, check with your area for recycling of either type tree.  Zoos  may take your old tree for winter shelter of animals, shore communities use them for stabilizing sand dunes, and you can use it in your own back yard for birds to use for winter shelter.
Enjoy your Christmas Tree, real or artificial, with memories and traditions of 500 years ago.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Cards

Growing up, we received tons of Christmas Cards.  My Mother would display them all over the kitchen wall and when I came home from college each Christmas break it was like an instant update on all the family friends.  In all my married years I have not sent or received as many as those on the kitchen wall.  It is eight days until Christmas day and my household  has strung up less then ten cards on the fireplace mantel. 
Each year we receive less cards than the year before. With the ease of electronic mail some of those paper cards  are now viewed on a monitor.
I say there is nothing like sitting on the couch holding all the cards and catching up with old friends.  Some people have chosen  to stop sending out cards altogether. I really like Christmas Cards, after all it is Christmas time. 

History shows that the origin of sending Christmas cards began in 1843 when an Englishman sent out cards to his friends wising them a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.  This is why I like to send out cards.  People that I don't see anymore or even people I see often I like to send a card to them.
Our family also sends out a Christmas letter.  I like to include a quick update of our family as well as something we learned or appreciated this year. Christmas is about a week away, and our cards are still in their boxes!!!
My favorite brand of Christmas Cards is Lang.  I pick out a Religious style and a whimsical style to send to the people on my list.  These are pictures of the boxes the cards come in, and are great little storage boxes.  I will be sending out cards this year and years to come God willing.  For this year I better get the cards in the mail soon, so I am not just wishing a Happy New Year.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Whose Counter is this anyway?

Soon after we moved into our current house, my husband planned to  install a counter top in our basement on the unfinished side. My neighbor across the street happened to be getting rid of their old counter top.  In my husband's recycle, reuse mind,he asked if he could rescue it from the curb.  I am sure my husband had plans to use this counter space for his own hobbies, but somehow I took it over.  Can you imagine?  Just kidding, we do share the space, but I am pretty sure it has more of my stuff on it than his!
My husband also installed a peg rack above the counter top to hang gift bags, and some dowel rods to hold spools of ribbon.  Underneath the counter top I put clear plastic bins with drawers to hold tissue paper, bows, gift card holders, treat bags, and boxes.  I use the tall clear wrapping paper bins by Rubbermaid to hold the rolls of wrapping paper.  They also fit nicely under the counter top.  On top of the counter on one side I have gift tags, different types of printed tape made by 3M. I use this brand of tape for all our tape needs in the house. I have an old tin from 3M that held a  roll of tape.  The tin is from my Grandmother's house.  I keep it on the counter to remind me of her and her very frugal ways.  She did not have to be frugal, she just chose to be.  As I get older I see why.  Every Christmas she would save all the wrapping paper we tossed aside from ripping open our gifts.  She took it all home smoothed it out, ironed it, and reused it the next year. 

Earlier this week I had to reorganize, and sort out the gift wrapping paper, and clean off the counter top.  I will admit I like to buy gift bags, and wrapping paper.  I look forward the day after Christmas to buy more paper. My Mother, Sister and I along with any kids that wanted to go, set out early on December 26th every year to go to Kmart to grab any thing they sold with Martha Stewart Designs.  This is probably the only day of the entire year we would go to Kmart, and only to see what great wrapping paper, and decorations by this designer we could get. I am sad that this store does not sell her products anymore.  However, I do have enough wrapping paper!

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Mall Information Desk

I have just returned from the Mall on a Friday night-during Holiday Shopping Season, and yes it is busy.   The mall is crowded with Holiday Shoppers, Teenagers, Strollers and  Parents trying to fulfill Christmas Lists.  In this busy mall you will find several Clerks safely enclosed by the Mall's information Desk.  I really could not tell you what services are provided by the information desk.  Perhaps you can buy a Mall wide gift card, ask directions to a store, report your missing glove...

 I make it a point to go to the info counter and take a look at the store coupons offered in a display stand.  I stop here first before going to any  store to see what coupons are up for grabs.  Tonight I snatched a Macy's Family and Friends booklet 25% off regular, sale, and clearance items December 1 through December 6, 2010.  There are two coupons in this booklet that are the size of a credit/gift card easily stuck in your wallet instead of fishing out of your purse. One to keep and one to share if you choose.  Sephora had a gift brochure, but not a coupon.  I am told if you sign up for their beauty insider program you will receive a gift on your Birthday, earn points when you shop to get free products, and coupons emailed to you. 

We made a visit to Urban Outfitters where I found a 10% off coupon to use on line now through December 23, 2010.  I was going to buy something there, but took the coupon home to get the discount online.  I just hope they offer free shipping!!!  The reverse side of this coupon has peel and stick gift tags- I love free stuff.  Look by the registers for piles of these coupons, even if you don't think you will use the coupon, get the free gift tags. ( It is a red side coupon, silver and white snowflake gift tags)

Sign up for email from:  Christmas Tree Shops and get coupons, now offering $10.00 off $50.00 until December 15, 2010, and The Container Store, get 10% off your purchase for signing up.

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