Product Review of New Purex Complete Crystals Softener

Today it is three days after Christmas.  Most years I am knee deep in putting away the after Christmas sale loot I have hauled home from my favorite stores, BUT snow began falling late in the morning yesterday making my shopping trip cut short.  I did go out for a while in mid morning, but made my way home in the snow and cars slipping off the roadway.  So, instead of being knee deep in Holiday  wares for next year, we are knee or higher deep in fluffy white snow.  The wind is blowing, the snow is drifting, the sun is shinning so bright, and I have piles of laundry to wash...

My oldest daughter is home for her semester break from college, and so is her entire wardrobe of college  clothes.  She brought the clothing home to sort out what to keep and what to give away. All of it needs to be freshly washed and dried.  Perhaps I should have asked Santa Claus for an extra  washing machine! However, the day before Christmas I received a package from Purex
In the box was a  new type of fabric softener called Purex Complete Crystals.

 I read  the information sheet that came with the product and found out that  the Purex Complete Crystals  are 92% natural and are not oil based.  Sounds good so far, who wants oil in their clothing and towels anyway?   The Crystals also keep the flame retardant qualities of Children's sleepwear. It is safe to use on Athletic ware, and keeps your towels absorbent and fresh for weeks.

So, I started the washing machine, added the crystals as per instructions, (I also use Purex laundry detergent) added the clothing and shut the lid! The fragrance I tried is called Fresh Spring Waters. Smells great.  I do like the fragrance and the clothing came out great.
They are not overly perfumed, they are soft, and don't have that over done fabric softener feel.  The added plus  I found out  was the Crystals made my laundry room smell nice ( and the cat box is in there too-ugh) so it was a nice little extra that the crystals in the laundry and the bottle could freshened up the room.

The Purex Complete Crystals Softener are so new that today is the first day they are for sale.  Walmart will be the first store carrying them and in January other major stores like Target will begin selling the Crystals.  I like the fact that you do not have to lug home a big jug of softener,they are 92% natural, the crystals smell nice, they are easy to use, and can make your laundry area smell great.

Disclosure:  I am a Purex Insider and have received a sample of this product, however this is my own opinion of this product.

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