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The Biblical Genealogy Chart giveaway

I enjoy researching my family genealogy through documents, photographs, web sites, and family stories. I think it's so neat to see where our relatives came from, what ship they traveled on to come to America, and who served in the early years of defense.  Have you thought about all those relatives that came before the dates research allows us to study? Like who were Adam and Eve's children? My mom told her three children that when it comes time to name our babies, to get their names from the Bible. Good advice. I picked Elizabeth and Hannah for my girl's names. The Biblical Genealogy Chart begins with Adam and ends with Jesus. 1900 A.D. through 100 B.C.  That's a lot of names to choose from for your babies!   A few Features of The Biblical Genealogy Chart: The chart is printed on Astroparch Sand Paper.  Size 11x17 inches and is suitable for framing or laminating. Timeline is Adam through Jesus. Books of the Bible listing. Dating Before Christ to Anno Domini (B.C to A.D