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Somewhere around the time of middle school my Grandparents started taking my sister and I to church camps during our Summer Vacation. I don’t think we ever went to the same place twice for whatever reason, but each trip was an adventure and a long car ride...but it was so worth the week at camp. I loved church camp! The crafts, the mess hall with those long green tables, the swimming, the campfires, and campers to be friends with for the week.  During a college Summer break I landed a church camp counselor job in Connecticut. I love New England and this was a dream job.   The church camp story continues to this day, my husband and I bought a cottage at a church camp where his family had attended for generations.  My children have attend this camp since they were born, my second child went there when she was two months old. I love that my kids have grown up at this church camp and that I continue to grow spiritually and in friendships.  I miss my grandparents dearly. I am thankf