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It's the last day of 2011!

Wishing you a wonderful day today and a very Happy New Year!

Have you seen Scuba Santa at Adventure Aquarium?

It's a windy day here in New Jersey. A good day to visit Adventure Aquarium! We arrived at the aquarium around 10:00 AM. The line to get into the aquarium moved fast, and the wind was moving faster! The Aquarium is decorated for Christmas and it's so festive inside. Once inside the aquarium this is what we saw: Scuba Santa shark petting tank Christmas trees snow fell from the sky in this area! so cool! penguin feeding time even starfish need decorations walk through shark tunnel-very neat Philadelphia sky line Jellyfish Load up the car and head to Adventure Aquarium in New Jersey before Santa heads back to the North Pole. If you can't make it this week, plan a visit soon. There is fun to be had. Kids and adults will surly enjoy the sea life and the exhibits in Adventure Aquarium. Get your tickets now for   New Year's Eve at Adventure Aquarium to see more of the fun day we had go to Be sure to visit the gift shop. I bought a scuba Santa ornament for 20

The tree is sagging!

Soon Santa will be packed away until next year. This year I hope to organize our ornaments. Each kid gets their own box for their own ornaments. Next year I plan to decorate the tree more glitzy. Tonight I bought some bright and shiny ornaments half off from Home Depot. Green, gold, red, and glitter balls. The playful cat we have is climbing up the center of the tree. The bottom branches are sagging and the lights are falling off the tree. I like Douglas fur trees, but think I will try Fraser fur next year for the stronger branches to hang ornaments and perhaps keep the tree from sagging. Do you have a good remedy for the cat and the tree? and yes, the cat has to stay. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOURS! MAY YOU BE BLESSED AND SAFE ALL YEAR LONG.

Wordless Wednesday Santas and Snowflakes

What are you doing for New Year's Eve dinner? How about spending it with Dave & Buster's!

Build-A-Bear-Workshop has a special promoiton to strech your Bear Bucks or People Bucks.

When Build-A-Bear Workshop arrived on the scene at our local mall many moons ago, we were there . There to see how, why, and when someone would want to make their own bear. We were there to make bears, often. Often to shop for accessories, clothing, shoes, and more bears. My children had bears for every special occasion, holiday, or just because. Then there were the outfits and hours of play and imagination. The kids took their bears to the workshop for checkups and grooming. They came home with cute little ribbons in the bears fur, and a fluffy friend. As the children grew, so did the experience at Build- A- Bear.They made gifts for friends and even received bears as  gifts. Holidays, birthdays, milestones, graduations, get well, or thinking of you are all days for Build-A-Bear.  A bear or animal for any age, event, occasion, or loving thought can be found and made at Build-A-Bear Workshop. Build-A-Bear offers something for everyone. You can customize your bear, your way. Add a signa

Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol is ready for you to view in IMAX theaters.

Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol will be in IMAX Theaters December 16! Are you excited.It's there now! Tom Cruise returns as IMF operative Ethan Hunt. Along with other agents, this action-packed adventure is about clearing his agency's name after a terrorist attack. Watch this spy adventure from the edge of your seat from start to finish. See scenes shot with IMAX cameras with certain sequences of the movie are scene in larger than life proportions Watch Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) scale the world's tallest building, the Burk Khalifa Tower located in Dubai. Thrills and Chills throughout the movie. Viewers of the IMAX showing will be the first to preview the upcoming Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises.  Click here to-- watch the movie trailer on IMAX web site Head over to Facebook and "like" them to stay up to date  ,             and visit their web site to find a IMAX theater near you Take a break from Holi

Swagbucks is having a snowball fight!

Swagbucks has some programs going on now if you are a Swagbuck user: Swagbucks is having a good ol' fashioned Snowball Fight, and you can participate for a chance to win more reward points for free stuff! Go to the Snowball Fight homepage, click the button to join, and start earning points for your team just by earning Swag Bucks! Every participating member of the winning team will get 25 a Swag Buck bonus after it ends on the 21st, and participating members of the runners up get 10 Swag Bucks each. Which team are YOU on? Swagbucks is going crazy on Monday, with more ways for you to earn  reward points towards free stuff. First, they're having a Swag Code Extravaganza, which means a fun day where you can earn up to 70 Swag Bucks from 8 different codes throughout the day! Second, there's a new set of Holiday Collector's Bills which you can only earn through search - get all five and you'll receive an instant 12 Swag Bucks bonus! The set starts at noon on Monday Fina

Purex Triple Action Laundry Detergent for loads of clean and giveaway of three free bottles

My first attempt at doing my own laundry was freshman year at college. My Mother gave me specific instructions and sent me off with her favorite brand of laundry soap.  On my breaks from college I did not go near the washing machine. I did  however hang the laundry up outside on the clothes line and hang up my Dad's dress shirts fresh from the dryer. In my house I always did the laundry, not my kids or husband.  You know it's the mom's job and so on.  There was a time I was unable to do the laundry do to surgery and my youngest took it upon herself to wash her own clothing. How nice was that. She still does her own laundry. When my oldest is home from college she arrives with a pile of dirty duds and bedding to wash. The rest of the house laundry is on hold for days and days. Those machines are running all day. One daughter asked if she could have her own washer and dryer in her room. Sure I say!!! Or better yet, we could install commercial machines. right. As far as what d

Winter Wordless Wednesday

Tree with handmade ornaments by my Mom.               And Photographs of pictures in our house.

Stocking Stuffers from Mabel's Labels for only $5

Mabel's Labels is offering a new stocking stuffer Combo (TM) for this holiday season.  Each combo includes 5 sticky labels and 1 Bag tag along with the metal chain to hook the label onto a gift bag or travel bag. $5 per set. I like the holiday designs on the sticky labels and bag tag. So Fun! If you have children, cousins, nieces, relatives, daycare, playgroups, neighbors, or what have you-these are great $5 gifts to hand out. Order at Mabel's There are over 30 designs to chose from, mix and match. Go the holiday design or everyday design. There are 4 limited edition Holiday motifs available. That is what I chose! Disclosure: this is not a compensated post! Sharing only!

Philips Wake-Up Light in the morning and night

The buzzing and beeping of alarm clocks in the morning are not my cup of tea. My kids have their phones set to play some loud crazy music to wake them up in the morning. I don't even bother setting an alarm, I hear theirs, not by choice.  How nice would it be to be woken up without alarms?  Without the noise? Naturally? Yes, please. You can choose from 20 different brightness settings with  Philips ® Wake-Up Light .  Set the Wake-Up light for the time you need to be awake. The light increases gradually over 30 minutes  before  the alarm time.  As the light increases you body is gently getting ready to wake up. So much nicer than beep beep beep or crazy loud music. The Wake -Up light does have a radio or nature sounds if you like to wake to soothing sounds. These cold nights and cozy blankets make it hard to get out of bed in the morning.  It is still dark when I am getting out of bed in the AM  and the last thing I want is a harsh bright light shining in my eyes. I have been using

Turkeys and Trees on Wordless Wednesday

The Turkeys still need to be put away, but I am working on Christmas! stay tuned for more photos.