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Philips Wake-Up Light in the morning and night

The buzzing and beeping of alarm clocks in the morning are not my cup of tea. My kids have their phones set to play some loud crazy music to wake them up in the morning. I don't even bother setting an alarm, I hear theirs, not by choice. 
How nice would it be to be woken up without alarms? 
Without the noise? Naturally? Yes, please.

You can choose from 20 different brightness settings with Philips® Wake-Up Light.  Set the Wake-Up light for the time you need to be awake. The light increases gradually over 30 minutes before  the alarm time.  As the light increases you body is gently getting ready to wake up. So much nicer than beep beep beep or crazy loud music.

The Wake -Up light does have a radio or nature sounds if you like to wake to soothing sounds. These cold nights and cozy blankets make it hard to get out of bed in the morning.

 It is still dark when I am getting out of bed in the AM  and the last thing I want is a harsh bright light shining in my eyes. I have been using the Wake-Up light as my alarm and it is much nicer to wake up this way. 
The Wake-Up Light has a display window where you can see the menu:  on/off, FM on/off, Snooze, Clock Time, Alarm Time, Alarm Sounds, Display Brightness.

 Set the light on your bedside table to use as a lamp and Wake-Up Light. A plus for me. At night time I try to keep the bright lights off at bedtime.  The Philips Wake-Up Light works perfect for bedtime as a night light and for gradually waking up in the morning.

The National Sleep Foundation and Philips are working together to help you sleep healthier through the use of light therapy and sleep education.  Developing good sleep habits and finding out how much sleep you need and other good thoughts are found on the  National Sleep Foundation web site.

This is a nice gift for someone or even yourself.  To order and get a Discount on a Philips® Wake-Up light click Here for  Use this code: C9H9NPER for a $10 discount.


Sleep better, wake up naturally and feel better. Are my kids reading this? Maybe Santa will put one in their rooms!

 Since I've tried the Wake-Up light with just the light gradually increasing I am going to add a nature sound.
I might feel like I am on a vacation!

Disclosure: I received a Philips Wake-Up light to review from SheSpeaks® and Philips®. The comments and views are my own.

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