See the newest trailer for NOAH with an intro from Emma Watson.

NOAH is coming soon! 
To a theater near you on March 28, 2014 and until then take a look at scenes from NOAH.

Emma Watson shares a fun intro to the newest trailer release of the film NOAH:

Learn about the making of the film and the bible story of NOAH:

Read what's being said about NOAH in the press:

Geoffrey Morin who is head of communications for The American Bible Society offers an article on "NOAH".  The op-ed is entitled, “NOAH spurs debate pitting art vs. Bible” and poses the question, “How much artistic interpretation should be allowed?  
Here is the article about the film Noah on USA Today.

Noah comes to a theater near you on March 28, 2013. 
To find a location near you go to NOAH the official web site for the film. 

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