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A HEART'S LANDSCAPE, An Invitation to the Garden of Moments by Susan Lax for Mother's Day gift giving.

Here we are in Easter Week. Springtime bulbs are emerging from the cold winter ground and showing us the gorgeous colors of yellow, pink, purple, and white against the backdrop of trees getting ready to bloom. Soon after Easter is another holiday. Mother's Day is Sunday May 8, 2022. Mark your calendar.  Mother's Day is always on a Sunday, just like Easter is always on a Sunday. As far at the numerical date, I have to consult a calendar! Mother's Day also is the day the danger of frost has passed and the planting of blooming plants, garden vegetables, and perennials is safe.  I'm not sure the significance of these two events being on the same day is about, but I think the gardeners of the country do!  This week I'm setting my sights on cleaning the house, grocery shopping and getting ready for Easter Sunday. It's also a good week to get ideas going for Mother's Day gifts.  A HEART'S LANDSCAPE An Invitation to the Garden  of Moments  is a beautiful book b

Cutter Poison Ivy Wipes work on Skin and tools to cleanse away plant oils.

  Happy April is here. Spring is here. The outdoor life is here. Every morning I look out the window and I see the grass is growing more each day. This is our first Spring Season in our new home. We had a new house built on many acres and along with the many acres are all kinds of living creatures I hope to avoid as the cold leaves the forest floor.  We moved into the house in the cold days of Winter. I was glad to not see creatures of the ground as they were hibernating. At least I hope they were. That grass I see growing also has Poison Ivy, Oak, and Sumac in its environment.  I know what Poison Ivy looks like-well really, I don't because get the plants mixed up. As far as Oak and Sumac I need to consult a poisonous plant book. Who has time for that! I'll be stocking up on Cutter Poison  Ivy Wipes this season. I think any time of year is open for poisonous plant. The plant oil could just be there in any season. Be prepared with on-the-go Cutter Poison Ivy Wipes. What I like