A Wonderful giveaway with the release of WONDER PARK Blu-ray combo pack and digital.

The carnivals are arriving in towns as the school year comes to an end and Summer vacation begins. I still love to see the trailers full of neatly stacked pieces of carnival rides, traveling the highways, off to another town to set up and tear down one more time. That description reminds me of a song... 

The memories of warm nights, bright lights, and all the thrills of flying through the sky on a wonder of rides is the highlight of many of Summer vacations. As it is for June.

June, not the month, but the girl's name in Wonder Park, builds a roller coaster ride, but the ride comes to a stop when things get out of control and damage is done to the neighborhood. I gotta say her room is pretty darn cool looking. She has a great imagination and talent to dream big.

Don't give up on June just yet, she has discovered the amusement park of her dreams hiding in the woods of long ago.  She has a clan of fun furry friends that ride the rides with her, but lookout trouble is brewing with another clan of chimps.

Watch the trailer: it's right here, well, underneath these words: 

Digital release of WONDER PARK is June 4, 2019 and the DVD/Blu-ray release of WONDER PARK is June 18, 2019. The film is rated PG. 

Wonder Park's film web site has tons of fun and activities for the family to do, like...meet the characters, games and lots more fun.

Save the link for Summer time fun after you visit the site the first time. 

This giveaway is a bounty of Wonder Park goodies!!!

you -yes, you have the chance to win this most groovy prize pack. How can that be? 
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Congratulations to Raya who is the random winner!

The giveaway pack includes the Blu-ray Combo Pack, a stuffed toy (the image shows Boomer but the character may vary), a backpack, 2 fanny packs, a phone charger, sunscreen, a bandage holder and Wonder Park roller coaster car toys.  

One random entry will be selected and notified by email. If said winner does not respond within 48 hours a new name will be selected. 

Open to residents of the contiguous USA that are age 18, 19, 20, you get the idea. (18 year old or older) 

Disclosure: I was given Wonder Park blu-ray combo pack. The comments and views are my own. 

The LEGO® Movie 2: The Second Part DVD giveaway

We have a bin of Lego® Duplo® in our basement. I'm hoarding it. My daughter has outgrown the playful bricks and animals of safari, farm, and zoo-but I plan on keeping it, you know... for the memories,

She created tall towers of Duplo®, taller than her little self. She would put penguins, lions, and various Lego® Duplo ® animals on tiers of the towers. There were farm lands, oceans of sea creatures, a zoo with the cutest monkeys, giraffes, and elephants. Each set had the appropriate workers to take care of the animal habitats, the race car, and the keepers of civilization.

I never imagined  Lego characters would star in their own movie oh so many years ago... but they have and are back in LEGO® MOVIE 2: The Second Part.

about the film:
It’s been five years since everything was awesome and the citizens are now facing a huge new threat: LEGO DUPLO® invaders from outer space, wrecking everything faster than it can be rebuilt. The battle to defeat the invaders and restore harmony to the LEGO universe will take Emmet (Chris Pratt), Lucy (Elizabeth Banks), Batman (Will Arnett) and their friends to faraway, unexplored worlds, including a galaxy filled with fantastic planets, strange characters and catchy new songs. It will test their courage, creativity and Master Building skills, and reveal just how special they really are.

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part : 
Own it Early on Digital on April 16
4K UHD, Blu-ray and DVD debut on May 7

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ARM&HAMMER new sprays for body, feet, shoes, and sports gear have you covered for sweat and odor defense.

Just in time for the warm weather-like today's weather a bit on the hot side, and very humid for the month of April, I've turned the air conditioner on in the house and in my car. I don't like humid weather, especially hot humid weather. Is there any other kind?

I plan on taking the defense this season with Arm&Hammer brand of quality products we have come to know in our lifetime, keeping our refrigerator smelling fresh, and our bodies too.

The Arm&Hammer foot and body collection keeps sweat and odor at bay with three new products for our body and shoes. And these sprays can be used on  sports gear too! One spray for so many uses to combat odor. Bring on the sweat! Bring on the odor! Spray on ARM&HAMMER INVISIBLE SPRAY POWDER.

Retail price is $6.99. See the entire collection on their facebook page.

see more videos of the spray in action on their You Tube Channel

My test run with the sprays are that they work as stated. Spray is clear and light. They have a nice  scent, each is different.The can does not state a fragrance, but just the same it's a nice light smell.  When you first pick up the spray it feels light, shake the can a bit and it will get heavier, then you know it's ready to spray. The part you spray from is wide and smooth to operate. There is a cap for the can so you can take it in your bag or store at home.

ARM&HAMMER Invisible Foot Powder Spray:

  • First ever cake-free invisible foot spray powder.
  • No white residue remains on clothes, shoes, or feet. Think of those wet mud caked soccer cleats. oh that odor. 
  • Sweat Activated Fresh Guard ® Technology keeps your feet feeling fresh all day.
  • Ultra-Clear dry spray contains ARM&HAMMER™  Baking soda and odor neutralizing ingredients to absorb moisture and sweat.
  • Burst of cool fragrance lasts all day.
  • Talc Free.
  • Sprays Clear. No white mess.
  • Retails for $6.99
  • to my nose, this spray has a nice kinda light mint scent.
ARM&HAMMER Invisible Body Powder Spray:
  • First ever cake-free invisible body spray.
  • Sweat Activated Fresh Guard ® Technology keeps your body feeling fresh all day. From a day in the classroom or at work here is a body spray to refresh and get on with the day to sports, the gym, or a night out.
  • Ultra-Clear dry spray contains ARM&HAMMER™  Baking soda and odor neutralizing ingredients to absorb moisture and sweat.
  • Unisex fragrance for all day freshness
  • Talc Free.
  • Sprays clear. No white mess.
  • Retails for $6.99
  • for my nose, the spray has a tropical light scent.
ARM&HAMMER Shoe Refresher Spray:
  • Eliminates shoe and sneaker odor on contact.
  • Unique 360° targeted actuator sprays upside down or any direction to spray where you need to spray your shoes, gear, or gym bag. How about those soccer shin guards-I couldn't wash that odor out-now I can spray it away.
  • Sweat Activated Fresh Guard ® Technology refreshes and rejuvenates shoes, sneakers, and sports gear and athletic equipment. see more on their instagram account.
  • Safe for all types of footwear.

Disclosure:  I received ARM&HAMMER product compensation for this post. The comments and views are my own.