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ARM & HAMMER New Cleansing and Refreshing Foot Textured Wipes for on the go and at home.

ARM & HAMMER   ™  introduces New Cleansing and Refreshing Foot Wipes. Their textured wipes remove dirt, sweat, and impurities with a swipe of the wipe.  What about Foot odor? Well, who wants that?  ARM & HAMMER ™  Fresh Guard Technology and ARM & HAMMER ™  Baking Soda wipes to the rescue. These wipes help eliminate and neutralize foot odor.  Pick up a few packs of ARM & HAMMER ™  Cleansing and Refreshing Foot wipes (retail $4.99) for gym bags, travel kits, office desk drawer, guest room, beach bag, bathroom, and keep at the ready. If you are like me, I'll have a stack of them in my hall closet for the family to grab and go to school, work, or travel.   At the end of a long day at the office or even working in the yard, grab a wipe from your pack and enjoy the quick dry, non greasy formula that leave feet feeling cleansed and refreshed.  Soon it will be sandal season and although I don't like to think of the dirt and grim my feet pick up through out the day in my