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It is time to put away your winter coat

The month of March in National Nutrition Month and even though there are only a few days left in the month, good nutrition is for your life.  The month of March also brings the first day of Spring!  With all the snowy, icy days  I missed a lot of walking outside.  Last week the weather was warmer and free of snow so I had several days of getting outside and walking and I feel better already.  I also tried to eat more nutritious foods like Yoplait Yogurt . (click the link for coupons too) By replacing your breakfast and lunch with a cup of Yoplait Yogurt light , a whole grain of some type, and a piece of fruit you might just find yourself loosing some weight.  Like changing out your bulky winter coat for a lighter coat this time of year, you can change your nutrition.   I have noticed  that if we have Yoplait on the top shelf of my refrigerator in plain view my family and I are more likely to grab that for a quick meal or a snack.  Everyone has their favorite flavor or variety so I look

Nutella ® and the Morning Rush

  Breakfast time is a usually a busy morning in my house, getting ready for school, eating breakfast, and heading out the door can be a major event! Offering  Nutella ®  ( pronounced "new-tell-uh") Hazelnut Spread on whole wheat toast, a serving of fresh fruit, and some milk can give the kids fuel for the morning school work.  Nutella spread does not contain; peanuts, or any ingredients derived for gluten, and it is a Kosher Product.  Nutella is easy to serve on anything from whole wheat toast, waffles, wraps, bananas, or apples. quick and easy to use Sharing Nutella with some of my friends and learning different ways we all  get through the breakfast rush, I myself tried Nutella ®  for the first time.  I must admit I am not a hazelnut fan, but there is a nice mix of coca in with the hazelnuts that was good . Not all Moms had tried Nutella before so it was new to them as well as myself.    Offering the kids warm waffles with Nutella was a popular choice among moms as well a

Solve the Dinner Dilemma with New Philadelphia Cooking Creme!

Cream Cheese For dinner?  Nope, it is the NEW Philadelphia Cooking Creme!  You may have walked right by this in grocery store.   On my last trip to the store, I bought one of each variety, there are four; O riginal, Italian Cheese and Herb, Savory Garlic, and Santa Fe Blend.   I recently had the opportunity to share and try the new cooking creme. We tried the Original Cooking Creme First with recipes provided by Philadelphia Cooking Creme . Using the Lemon-Broccoli Rice with Chicken and the Original Cooking Creme and an awesome GreenPan  dinner was easy to prepare and clean up.  The recipe was good too! It was easy to adapt the recipe without the chicken too, for my non meat eaters.  dinner is done  Next we tried the Philadelphia Italian Cheese and Herb Cooking Creme in the Baked Penne Recipe. Again, I made a meatless version, it was another quick and easy dish to prepare. I never really would have thought to add the cooking creme to the penne dish I make, but the cooking creme added

Free Sample and Free Coupons to try new Purex with Zout-giveaway has ended

Do you ever feel like all you do is laundry?  I have days like that, like today.  Sheets, towels, and school clothes are piled up by the washing machine ready and waiting to be washed and dried. Sometimes there is that article of clothing that I re-run through the wash trying to get the stain out, trying is the word here.  I pre-treat, wait, then wash, the stain is still there.  Being a Purex Insider I had the opportunity to try Purex® Complete with Zout ® . As soon as the delivery man dropped  it off on my front porch, I had the washing machine started, perfect timing since I had loads to get going. After a few loads I remembered about the lingering stain on that article of clothing,  I figured either it will come out this time or forget it!  I tried Fresh Morning Burst (tm),  it is also available in   Free and Clear (tm)- fragrance free and hypoallergenic formula for sensitive skin. Purex Complete with Zout (r) contains a triple  enzyme stain remover that works against; protein based

Happy Saint Patrick's Day


Ragu(r) Mom's the Word on Dinner

My household seems to be getting picky about dinner time.  "I want this, I want that" , how do I make something that everyone will like?  Some nights I feel like handing out a menu  in my own kitchen.  If only it were that easy! There are so many choices for dinner these days, I find myself reading, and collecting recipes that I never seem  to make.  One meal that is quick, easy and I usually have in my pantry is Ragu (r) , and some type of interesting shaped pasta.  The new and improved Ragu (r) Old World Style (r) Traditional Sauce has 2 servings of Vegetables in every 1/2 cup of sauce.  I add a salad, some nice warm Italian bread, and dinner is on the table. For those nights of not knowing what to serve that makes everyone happy,  Ragu (r) is bringing Moms together to share their stories about dinner time; picky eaters ,what to make, and how to get the kids involved in dinner time preparation. Ragu(r) has created Mom's the Word on Dinner  community on their Facebook pa

A new Chip on the Block: Tostitos Artisan Recipes

Roasted Garlic and Black Bean   Just when you thought it was safe to buy the same old tortilla chips Tostitos makes them even better! When I buy tortilla chips I always buy the same brand, Tostitos , Just my preference. Now in stores you can buy the NEW Tostitos (r) Artisan Recipes (tm) Tortilla chips in two distinctive flavors;  Fire-Roasted Chipotle, and Roasted Garlic & Black Bean. Being a member of SheSpeaks    I was able to be a part in trying the new tortilla chips.  These two new Artisan chips are made with 100% natural ingredients,  made with 9 grains, no artificial flavors,no artificial preservatives, no msg , 0 grams trans fats, and 8 grams of whole grains per 1 ounces serving, and full of good flavors!   serve with salsa  We tried   the Roasted Garlic and Black Bean Tortilla Chips. These chips are light, crisp, full of flavors and are great with or without any type of dip/salsa.  We tried them right out of the bag first and then with salsa, which added a nice mix of

Newspapers, Coupons, Free Sample, Event

Sunday newspapers are great for coupons!  The amount I save using coupons definitely pays for the subscription to the newspaper, and you get to read the news too.  This week there is a coupon for $2.00 off Purex (r) Complete Crystals (tm) Softener 28 ounce size.  I recently wrote about this  new product, and really like it!  So, I will be using my coupon on another bottle of the softener.  It is 92%natural, the scent last for days after the wash.  CVS has the softener for $3.99, use the $2.00 off and it is $1.99!  I bought the Purex 3 in 1 sheets there a few weeks ago, for 99 cents with a coupon.  My kind of sale!!!  Purex Complete Crystals Softener  Purex (r) has another  new product Purex complete with Zout (tm) and there is a $1.00 off coupon for this product in the coupons from the newspaper. You can request a free sample at  starting today!   Bath and Body Works (r) is having a "I love Fragrance Event" on Saturday March 19, 2011 from 1 PM to 5

Review of Copco Brand Mugs

As the days become warmer I start thinking about making Iced Tea more often and having a cold drink with lots of ice. This Lent Season I am trying to forgo soda.  It is only  day 2, but so far doing well.   I found these neat Copco (r) Travel Mugs at Wegmans  that will hold a 16 ounces of a cold  beverage. The Travel Mug comes with a screw on lid and a fancy reusable straw.  Copco (r) Travel Mug You can  pre-cool your drink by putting  cold water in the mug for five minutes prior to putting your beverage of choice in the mug to allow for maximum temperature retention. These mugs do not go in the microwave, do not freeze, hand wash only, mild soap, and  air dry thoroughly. Even though the care of the mug is a little more than throwing it in the dishwasher I think the idea of a reusable mug and reusable straw outweigh that part.  You can load it up with ice and a cold drink.  I was not able to find out how long the drink will keep its cold temperature, but my experience is a few hours. 

Why did I start this blog?

Looking back to September 2010 when I wrote my first post, I have to say what was I thinking?  Why did I start this blog?  At the  time I had just read a magazine article about  blogs and earning  money from advertising on their blog.  I like new products and thought how great would that be to try new products and write about them.  So I started writing about some things I knew about...Along the way I also joined some awesome Mom blogging groups, and have had some great help from someone I know that has a blog, among her many activities.   This past week I received some great packages of products to review, I am excited to finally be getting where I set out to be in this blog, and If I earn some money along the way, all the better. My goal is to share.  I have read many blogs since September, some I love, some I wish mine looked like,and some I relate to, some I don't quite understand.  The point is that everyone has something to share.  I like to coupon shop, this weekend at Targe

What is MIO? What are Crystals?

Kraft Foods is coming out with a cool new product soon.  It is called MIO.  It is a palm size container that contains a flavored liquid to enhance your water. You add as much as you want according to your taste.  Get your own Free Sample at MIO  on Facebook.  The flavors are:- Berry Pomegranate - Fruit Punch - Strawberry Watermelon - Sweet Tea - Peach Tea - Mango Peach Purex New Complete Crystals is offering a coupon for the new fabric softener click  Here learn more about the 92% natural crystals and get your coupon.

Turn Green Milkshakes into Green Cash

March and McDonald's are a match for this month.  People eagerly await the return of the Shamrock Shake, and it is back!  All month long when you purchase a Shamrock Shake at McDonald's a portion of the sale will benefit Ronald McDonald House Charities .  You can also make a cash donation in a fundraising effort in the restaurant for amounts of $1,3,5 this month.