Nutella ® and the Morning Rush

  Breakfast time is a usually a busy morning in my house, getting ready for school, eating breakfast, and heading out the door can be a major event! Offering Nutella ® ( pronounced "new-tell-uh") Hazelnut Spread on whole wheat toast, a serving of fresh fruit, and some milk can give the kids fuel for the morning school work.  Nutella spread does not contain; peanuts, or any ingredients derived for gluten, and it is a Kosher Product.  Nutella is easy to serve on anything from whole wheat toast, waffles, wraps, bananas, or apples.

quick and easy to use

Sharing Nutella with some of my friends and learning different ways we all  get through the breakfast rush, I myself tried Nutella ® for the first time.  I must admit I am not a hazelnut fan, but there is a nice mix of coca in with the hazelnuts that was good. Not all Moms had tried Nutella before so it was new to them as well as myself.   Offering the kids warm waffles with Nutella was a popular choice among moms as well as quick and easy toast with Nutella spread and some strawberry slices . Keeping cups of yogurt at the ready and add glass of 1% milk or juice to serve with Nutella on their choice of food keeps breakfast quick and nutritious.
I was able to pass along some great goodies while we shared our breakfast time rituals given to me by MommyParties and Nutella ®. From coupons to breakfast tips, to a great coffee tumbler and more the Moms were happy to share in the fun time.

party favor bags ready to hand out

 Nutella ® is also good for lunch time sandwiches just as the spread being the filling or with peanut butter. For snack time, spread it on crackers or fruit. A very popular treat of  graham crackers with toasted marshmallow and Nutella is easy to make indoors and outdoors around the campfire. (replace the chocolate bar with spread) The jar is made of a soft plastic with a wide opening making it easy to use a spreader, and the jars slim design allows it to fit in your pantry easily. You could make a nice fruit tray and use Nutella for the dip or heat it up for a Fondue or pour over ice cream.

Nutella was created in the the 1940's  in Italy by Mr. Pietro Ferreo using hazelnuts that were plentiful in his region of Italy.  The hazelnut spread has been in the United States since the 1980's.  You can learn more about Nutella, enter their sweepstakes to win a case of Nutella, and get a coupon HERE

Disclosure:  I was given a Nutella ® hazelnut spread party kit.  These are my own comments.
Please visit the Nutella web site for specific product information.


  1. Nutella makes everything better... except my waist line. ;)

  2. Our family LOVES Nutella! It's a must have on weekend mornings :)

  3. I just tried for the first time this past December. I was amazed at how delicious it is ... and what I've missed out on. I totally agree with the Nutella and waffles combination.

  4. I have to try Nutella! Following you from MBC.

  5. I have never tried it but have heard a lot of good things about it. Maybe we will have to pick up a jar at the store next time!

  6. My family and I are big fans of Nutella! I have a 10 yr old brother who takes a nutella sandwich to school (almost) everyday

  7. Isn't Nutella what they put in Ferrero Rocher Chocolate? it is wicked! We've used Nutella for years, but now I can't keep any in the house because my boy has nut allergies. I'm too afraid someone will forget and give him some, again. Nutella is awesome with apple slices. yum. hmmm. i think I'm going to have to keep a jar in my home office for nightly snacking cause i'm missing it now.

  8. oh man nutella is my friend. i would love to have to write a review about nutells

  9. I remember when I use to nanny for this one couple and they told me how much better tasting it was then peanut butter. Ever since then, it has been my guilty pleasure when I want to make a peanut butter sandwich.



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