Thursday, February 27, 2014

Day #9 of USA in a Day

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Day #9       (to see what I found on days 1-8 go to the USA in a day tab)

Intro: I am on a hunt for things in my home that are made in the USA.
Each day I will try to post an item or two from my house.
Why? To support companies that are in my country.
Take a second and look at the product or item you are using and see where it is made.

Pot Potpourri Press tins were popular in the 80's and I found them useful for lip gloss, storing trinkets, and desk decorations. I have a collection of these tins I bought way back then. I also keep an eye out for them at thrift shops and yard sales.

The Pot Potpourri Press company went out of business years ago.

I use these tins for storage of Christmas tags and such on my wrapping counter

Bermuda Bags. Although I lived inland from the Atlantic Ocean at the time I carried a Bermuda Bag, ii's my favorite style of purse. The handles were made by Pappagallo.  My parents bought these for me and then when I was older they bought me a larger version of the bag. Some of the covers are from Pappagallo and The Wee Gentress of Valley Forge which is also The Vested Gentress.

The Wee Gentress and Vested Gentress went out of business years ago. As far as I can tell Pappagallo is out of business too.

Where is your purse made?

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Freebies today from Professional Photographer, The Vitamin Shoppe and IHOP. Bonus listing of free magazine offers!!!

Are you a shutterbug? Get a free 4 month subscription to Professional Photographer by filling out your name, address and such.

Celebrate with The Vitamin Shoppe on March 1 from 11-2 pm at their Share the Health Expo. Activities and giveaways during the event. See their web site for more details.

Free pancakes at IHop on National Pancake Day from 7 AM until 10 PM. Guest are encouraged to make a cash donation for Children's Miracle Network Hospital instead of paying for their meal.

Like Kitchen Table on Facebook for more free offers.

What free samples or freebies have you received?

This is my stash of free magazine subscriptions from offers I posted in the past. Most of the offers are over, but if I see the offers again I will post them. These free subscriptions are great to share, take to office visits in the waiting room, or donate to a center or school for reading or crafts.

You don't need any payment info for any of these. you don't get a bill for the free subscription!

Watch magazine from CBS is open. get a two year free subscription 2/28

Yachting and Jet Magazine. Jet offer is still open. (I wrote this post on DIY Frugal) 2/28

Here are the post links for  Cruising World, Yachting and Marlin 

Ladies Home Journal, Bridal Guide and American Baby

Bridal Guide is open 2/28

Motor Cyclist (not shown) 2/28

Better Homes and Gardens (not shown) open 2/28

Field and Stream

US Weekly (over on DIY Frugal) this offer is still open 2/28

Need for Speed Special Event Screening images

Aaron Paul, Scott Mescudi, and Director Scott Waugh introduced via live satellite of DreamWorks Pictures’ NEED FOR SPEED to audiences in theaters across North America.

The two were live in a theater in Burbank, CA. where they tweeted to fans also. follow @NeedforSpeed  on Twitter.

The film opens in theaters March 14, 2014

Take a look at the screening event:  


DreamWorks Pictures’ “Need for Speed” marks an exciting return to the great car culture films of the 1960s and ’70s, when the authenticity of the world brought a new level of intensity to the action on-screen. Tapping into what makes the American myth of the open road so appealing, the story chronicles a near-impossible cross-country journey for our heroes one that begins as a mission for revenge, but proves to be one of redemption. Based on the most successful racing video game franchise ever with over 140 million copies sold, "Need for Speed" captures the freedom and excitement of the game in a real-world setting, while bringing to life the passion for the road that has made our love of cars so timeless.

The film centers around Tobey Marshall (Aaron Paul), a blue-collar mechanic who races muscle cars on the side in an unsanctioned street-racing circuit. Struggling to keep his family-owned garage afloat, he reluctantly partners with the wealthy and arrogant ex-NASCAR driver Dino Brewster (Dominic Cooper). But just as a major sale to car broker Julia Maddon (Imogen Poots) looks like it will save Tobey's shop, a disastrous race allows Dino to frame Tobey for a crime he didn’t commit, and sending Tobey to prison while Dino expands his business out West.

Two years later, Tobey is released and set on revenge but he knows his only chance to take down his rival Dino is to defeat him in the high-stakes race known as De Leon — the Super Bowl of underground racing. However to get there in time, Tobey will have to run a high-octane, action-packed gauntlet that includes dodging pursuing cops coast-to-coast as well as contending with a dangerous bounty Dino has put out on his car. With the help of his loyal crew and the surprisingly resourceful Julia, Tobey defies odds at every turn and proves that even in the flashy world of exotic supercars, the underdog can still finish first.

“Need for Speed” is presented by DreamWorks Pictures, produced by Patrick O’Brien, John Gatins and Mark Sourian, and directed by Scott Waugh. The screenplay is by George Gatins. The story is by George Gatins & John Gatins, and, based on the video game series created by Electronic Arts. The film releases in U.S. theaters on March 14, 2014.



Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How to get free travel books from Amtrak, Boat US, and Travel 50 and Beyond.

Disclosure:  These offers are being shared for interest. They are not guaranteed. They are limited time offers and while supplies last.

Free publications from Amtrak. Got mine yesterday!
These make great guide and idea books for travel.

Two new offers I requested today:
Fill out this form from a free issue of BoatUS Trailering magazine.
Get a free issue of Travel 50 and Beyond and specific travel destinations.

Freebies today from Good Deeds, Burberry, and Allergic Living Magazine.

Disclosure: I am sharing these offers for interest. They are not guaranteed and are limited to quantity and time offer.

  • Sign up for your free issue of Allergic Living magazine.
  • Get a free Good Deeds canvas tote or other items for Good Deeds day on March 9. (not sure which item will be sent to you)
  • Get three free samples of BRIT from Burberry. I found mine in my mailbox yesterday. Samples are a nice way to try out the fragrance before you buy, or tuck the sample in a greeting card.

Day #8 of USA in a day

Disclosure: this is a non sponsored, non compensated post. It is not a review.

Day #8

Intro: I am on a hunt for things in my home that are made in the USA.
Each day I will try to post an item or two from my house.
Why? To support companies that are in my country.
Take a second and look at the product or item you are using and see where it is made.

What's in your tool box?
Over the weekend the Mr. painted one of our upstairs bathrooms and installed new towel bars. As I was cleaning up the dirt and dust from the measuring twice, cut once method of installation, I spotted "Made in USA" on a tool. Well... then I had to read all the tool labels.

I found more than one item with the made in USA label. The Mr. likes quality tools and mainly buys USA made tools. Flea markets, yard sales, and auctions are are good places to find quality USA made tools from the old days. Have you been to a home center recently? I don't see many USA tools available there, maybe I just need to look closely.

The paint roller handle and paint brush made in USA.

 I took down the curtains to wash them and noticed the tag:

The next day I made a quick visit to our local, which I'll be honest is not a favorite place of mine to shop. It was in the shopping center I went to for another errand, so I ran in for a few things. I am happy to report my findings.

There is a nice selection of towels, and bath rugs available in Wal Mart (W.M.).

I found a trash can made in USA at W.M.

What's in your tool box and where are the tools made?

Monday, February 24, 2014

Day #7 of USA in day

Disclosure: this is a non sponsored, non compensated post. It is not a review either.

Day #6 Read more posts on USA in A Day here.

Intro: I am on a hunt for things in my home that are made in the USA.
Each day I will try to post an item or two from my house.
Why? To support companies that are in my country.
Take a second and look at the product or item you are using and see where it is made.

If I had my dream house I'd have a room with lots of shelves to house dishes. Holiday dishes, everyday dishes, children's dishes, tons of bowls, platters, fancy dishes, and even paper plates. Lately I've been reading the dishes, not like a fortune teller, but to see where the dish is made. So far so good, most of our dishware is made in USA.

A long time favorite is Fiesta Ware made by The Homer Laughlin China Company. The first bowl I bought was from Bloomingdale's many moons ago. Most major department stores now carry the brand. 

When my kids were younger I bought a pile of these airline trays at the Pfaltzgraff outlet in York, Pennsylvania. I guess the company made these trays for the airline industry and these were seconds or over-runs. Whatever the case, I love the bright colors and designs by Marimekko.

Do you think you'll start reading your dishes like a fortune teller?  I hope they read made in USA.

What's new with Glade® Wax Melts and PlugIns® Scented Oil Customizables™ for the home environment.

Get ready for Spring with Glade®  PlugIns® Scented Oil Customizables™.

I picked up Apple Cinnamon, Lavender with Peach blossom fragrance to try out in our bathroom and surrounding rooms. The scents alternate daily. I plugged it into the wall in the bathroom, and the fragrance filled the area around the bathroom with a nice aroma. Our laundry room is next to the bathroom so having the plug in close by keeps all the rooms smelling fresh. It's like layers of freshness in the air.

The cover is removable so you can use it or take it off. There are two fragrance refills to put in the PlugIns starter kit. Look for their new Spring collection in stores soon. I can't wait to bring Spring inside! Enough of this cabin fever!

Glade®  PlugIns® Scented Oil Customizables™  starter set are available in:

  • Clean Linen® & Sunny Days®
  • Hawaiian Breeze® & Vanilla Passion Fruit,
  • Apple Cinnamon & Lavender Peach Blossom
Refills are available in 10 individual scents and several unique fragrance sets. Look for limited edition fragrances too.  

Save $2 on any Glade® PlugIns® Scented Oil Customizables™ Starter Kit


Look for Glade® Glade® Wax Melts and PlugIns® Scented Oil Customizables™  where you buy air care/cleaning products. I tend to buy the fragrance that associates with the season.

Glade® PlugIns® Scented Oil Customizables™ and Glade® Wax Melts make your house smell great and your house feel like home. On the low setting you should have 60 days of fragrance with PlugIns.

Wax Melts Fragrances of  Clean Linen, Pure Vanilla Joy, Hawaiian Breeze and Apple Cinnamon. Each wax melt provides 12 hours of aroma. Use with the Glade warming dish.  

Look for new NEW Glade® Wax Melts in fragrances like Sunny Days, Red Honeysuckle Nectar, Creamy Custard and Lavender & Vanilla.

Save $1 on any TWO Glade® Wax Melts Refill Packs

What scent connects you to a happy thought?  Most of us have a scent or fragrance we prefer over any other smell so take a whiff and find your happy smell with Glade PlugIns and Wax Melts. Are you fond of bakery smells, fruity fragrance, or the aroma and excitement of a new season? Find your fragrance with Glade® Wax Melts and PlugIns® Scented Oil Customizables™

Disclosure: As a BzzAgent  I received free coupons to purchase Glade® Wax Melts and PlugIns® Scented Oil Customizables™.  The comments and views are my own.

ARM&HAMMER™ has a new Foot Care collection. It's cool mist of relief.

It's the season of hot and humid weather. Hot weather and I are just not friends. Arm and Hammer has two new invisible sprays, one for...