Day #7 of USA in day

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Intro: I am on a hunt for things in my home that are made in the USA.
Each day I will try to post an item or two from my house.
Why? To support companies that are in my country.
Take a second and look at the product or item you are using and see where it is made.

If I had my dream house I'd have a room with lots of shelves to house dishes. Holiday dishes, everyday dishes, children's dishes, tons of bowls, platters, fancy dishes, and even paper plates. Lately I've been reading the dishes, not like a fortune teller, but to see where the dish is made. So far so good, most of our dishware is made in USA.

A long time favorite is Fiesta Ware made by The Homer Laughlin China Company. The first bowl I bought was from Bloomingdale's many moons ago. Most major department stores now carry the brand. 

When my kids were younger I bought a pile of these airline trays at the Pfaltzgraff outlet in York, Pennsylvania. I guess the company made these trays for the airline industry and these were seconds or over-runs. Whatever the case, I love the bright colors and designs by Marimekko.

Do you think you'll start reading your dishes like a fortune teller?  I hope they read made in USA.


  1. Now you got me thinking... I'm going to start looking through my house, too! And I love those trays!

  2. thanks Cindy Dudas! I've been shopping that way too-reading where things are made before I buy them.

  3. Yesterday a friend brought me a bike for my kids that she found on the side of the was a great bike that a family outgrew...but the first thing I noticed was the big Made in the USA sign. When I mentioned it, she said, I would have never even looked for that. I feel like I am on the hunt for Made in the USA products!

  4. i love that fiesta ware, the colors are so vibrant. i didn't know it was made in the USA



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