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Save A Lot $25 Gift Card Giveaway for back to school meal ideas.

Save A Lot ! I'd shop there! Who doesn't like to save on grocery shopping? The name just sounds like a good place to shop, and I'd say it is! Oh what a beautiful day it was when I visited the Burlington, New Jersey location of Save A Lo t. What I like about Save A Lot: Wide aisles-like two shoppers could pass each other without holding their breath! Clean-parking lot wasn't littered with sale flyers, store floors were shinny and clean, products were neatly arranged on the shelves.  Bright lights Great selection of store brand and name brand items Fresh foods, produce, dairy, meat, breads Frozen foods and ice cream treats Fast checkout Friendly cashiers This wasn't just one time I shopped at Save A Lot, every time I've shopped there it's been pleasant, and I shop two different locations in New Jersey. Today's trip was for stocking up on breakfast and lunch food for back to school. I know most areas of the country have started school already, but in New J

GIVEAWAY!!! The New York Times Best Seller book, 90 MINUTES IN HEAVEN

Sometimes it's easier to watch a video than write a intro, so here you go: (why is there a video to the book? The film will be in theaters Sept) There is nothing easy about this video-a man dies in a car crash. Don was a family man. He was married to Eva. He had three children. How will they cope with his death?  How will they be a family without him? How will the community that loves him so much deal with his absence? PRAYER FAITH HOPE LOVE At the scene of his accident a man prays for Don, who is thought to be dead. WAIT!!! Don is not dead. Did that prayer bring him back to life? I say yes! Through much healing and emotion he is better, but he is ready to die.  His will is weak and tired.  I love the part when the church is filled with people praying for him to be well. An entire congregation praying for him. That's the power of prayer! About the movie presented by Giving Films: Releases in theaters everywhere September 11, 2015 Rating: PG-13 (for intense accident and injur

The International Faith & Family Film Festival

The International Faith & Family Film Festival is a first-class gathering of high-level entertainment executives, notable Hollywood directors, screenwriters and actors that features exclusive movie screenings and events. It is a major component of megafest, a multi-day family festival featuring faith, empowerment and entertainment activities that was founded nine years ago by Bishop T.D. Jakes. The inaugural film festival event in 2013 was a major success. This year’s Megafest is expected to host upwards of 100,000 people at the Dallas Convention Center and American Airlines Center. o      IFFFF: filmfestival/ o      General: Facebook: tdjmegafest?_rdr Twitter: tdjmegafest Instagram: tdjmegafest/  

DVD Giveaway Of the film LITTLE BOY. 5 winners!

Do you believe you can do it? Has anyone ever said that to you? It's the motto of this father/son team.  In LITTLE BOY his dad asks him many times this question of "Do you believe you can do it?"  Answering yes allows his young son to grow in faith and love. Showing him courage, faith, and the belief that he can do anything. Anout the time the father is expected home the wife gets news he is missing at war during an attack. At this same moment, The youngest son is being picked on by the town boys and the older son is at work helping the family.  Later the boys attend a magician show together...Little Boy is memorized by the show. ( the two tickets were bought for the dad and Liitle Boy to attend on his arrival home) He believes even more in doing things by faith.  Holy wow, this movie is so good. You'll be reminded to be a good friend, help others in need, and most of all believe, and let God's will be done.  I loved the part of Lillte Boy always wishing he would

Hurry! Limited time offer: 30% off the Ultimate Back to School Combo at Mabel's Labels

Mabel's Labels has something special in store for all you book worms for  National Book Lovers Day:   30% off the Ultimate Back to School Combo with the book icon  when you  use promo code BOOKLOVER ! Offer:  30% off the Ultimate Back to School Combo with the Book Icon Promo Code:  BOOKLOVER Valid:  8/9-8/10 Shop the National Book Lovers Day sale at Mabel's Labels >>  Get 30% off the Ultimate Back to School Combo with the book icon at Mabel's Labels! Got a book lover in the house? Here are some fun ways to celebrate National Book Lovers Day:  Visit your local library: Dust off that library card and read your next favorite book for free. Reread classics: They're well loved for a reason. Go on a literary tour of your city and learn some local history along the way. Build or buy a new bookshelf to display all your favorite and well-loved books. Host or join a book club: A great way to discover new books and get together with friends. Visit a local independent boo