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Giveaway: Renuzit® Pearl Scents in beautifully designed jars to freshen your home or office.

I'm thinking of the aroma, sounds, and beauty of: Blue Sky Breeze Sparkling Rain, Fresh Lavender and Eucalyptus, Chamomile and Jasmine, Seductive Pineapple Smells fresh, smells, refreshing, smells relaxing, oh wait, we can't smell a blog post! But you can Refresh your home with Renuzit ®   Pearl Scents and experience the aroma yourself.  My first aroma is Sparking Rain, the aroma is just like is sounds! Cool, fresh, a little sweet, and not a heavy aroma at all.  Renuzit Pearl Scents come in a fancy jar with lid. Just take the lid off, peel off the seal, replace the lid and place in a room or area you want to improve. Why not try some new decorations, pillows, pictures, collections too and refresh your space with aroma and visual happiness. Plus, the decorative jar looks nice in any room, easy to move from your desk to the bedroom, to the bathroom if you want to see what aroma you like best in your spaces. Try all the aromas from Renuzit Pearl Scents. Giveaway : For your chanc

Giveaway: SEARCHING FOR SUNDAY: Loving, Leaving, and Finding the Chruch

Searching For Sunday :  Loving, Leaving, and Finding the Church by The New York Times best seller author: Rachel Held Evans. My thoughts: I grew up in a very active Church family. Sometimes I thought my Dad had changed jobs and worked at the Church now since he was there so much. What was he doing there? Working on projects in the office of the church. A church has tons of paper work, budgets, meetings, and all kinds of legal stuff to take care of-that's what my dad was doing, in addition to his attorney work. My Mom purchased and arraigned the flowers for the church every Sunday, also weddings, special events, and fancy receptions, and the arrangements were amazing! During Lent I think we were at church everyday-plus Sunday! Going to Church was part of our life-or is our life. But then,,,my brother, sister and I went off to college and said hey, we don't have to go to Church anymore! We could make our own decision-sort off. My parents arranged to have a local family pick me up

Like Soup? Try NEW Cambpell's Organic soups that are heat and eat!

Did you know Campbell's Soup has new Organic soups in a easy open box? Simple instructions to enjoy your bowl of soup: Shake Well Open the box Pour into microwave safe bowl to heat. Or Pour into sauce pan to heat Serve Don't add water or anything! for temperature and cooking time, read the side of the box Campbell's Organic Soup is USDA Certified Organic No Preservatives Vegetarian options like Sun Ripened Tomato and Basil To see the full line of Campbell's Organic Soup, ingredient list, and nutritional information visit Campbell's Organic . Disclosure: I received samples of Campbell's Organic soup from Campbell Soup Company. The comments and views are my own. 

Shake, Shake, Shake,... Shake your Kale Chips in Kitchen TwinsSweepstakes.

Shake, Shake, Shake,... Shake your Kale Chips!  Shake and enter for chance to win a Visa Gift Card. Kitchen Twins  Emily and Lyla are food bloggers and have come up with this awesome product   Make Your Own Kale Chips and are holding a sweepstakes to see your shaking skills. Starting tomorrow 5/16/15 at 12:00 AM EST through Saturday 6/9/15 at 11:59 PM EST there is a #ShakeYourKale sweepstakes on Instagram . The prize is a $250 Visa Gift Card. How to enter: Purchase a bag or two or three of Kitchen Twins Shake Your Kale available at ShopRite, Acme, Pennington Quality Market, Post  a video of you, your kids, your family shaking your bag of Kitchen Twins Kale Chips on Instagram. Be creative and have fun shaking, tossing, throwing, or playing a game with your bag of Kale Chips.  Use hashtags #ShakeYourKale #NJBlogger and tag @KitchenTwins on instagram. Winner: A $250.00 Visa Gift Card for  1 random winner will be selected out of the post of #ShakeYourKale and #NJBlogger. Remember to ta

AMERICAN SNIPER DVD combo pack Giveaway, plus how you can help WoundedWarrior Project

If you have been waiting for  American Sniper  on  Blu-ray/DVD combo pack , the release date is May 19, 2015. You can pre-order the DVD or buy it in stores on May 19, 2015. And, of course enter this giveaway for your chance to win a copy. The story may be hard to watch, but it's our freedom our military forces protect for us. Leaving their family stateside, being on the battlefield, and not always coming home as they left. It's a true sacrifice, bravery, and act I appreciate everyday that our military does for this country and it's people. Look for the faith, family, and strength of the persons in the film. Perhaps you be moved to help out Wounded Warrior Project more than you donation in conjunction with the purchase of your DVD.  Not only will you have the film to watch, but you'll be helping Wounded Warrior Project: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will donate a portion of the proceeds across physical and digital sales to Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP).  One dollar of

"Toss in the Flavor" with Redpack Tomatoes giveaway. Enter today!

The month of May is National Salad Month! Redpack Tomatoes is holding it's second annual " Toss in the Flavor " promotion during National Salad Month.  There are prizes and recipes! Visit Redpack Tomatoes on Facebook May 13-June 10 to enter for your chance to win a Grand Prize Picnic Basket worth $400! One basket will be given away each week during the promotion, plus  Redpack Tomatoes is also giving away 3000 custom Redpack tote bags. So go  enter  for your chance to win!  The basket includes tools to help you make your favorite Redpack Summer Salad, so you can spin, chop, toss, dress, and mix your favorite Redpack Summer Salad. Please visit Redpack on Facebook for all the details and fine print. Did you know you can use canned tomatoes in appetizer and salad recipes as well as main dishes and of course pastas? Well, you can!  The benefits of using canned tomatoes are: juicer tomatoes, healthier-picked and canned at peak of ripeness, already peeled and diced and less ex

Join Whole Foods Market for a FREE Spaghetti Dinner on May 16th for Armed Forces Day.

On Armed Forces Day, May 16th, Whole Foods Market invites the community to join us in thanking those who are serving or have served our nation's military - and their families - including enlisted service members, reservists and veterans of all United States Military branches, for a free family-style spaghetti dinner.  Our Menu will include: • Spaghetti & Marinara Sauce • Buttered Pasta (for the kids) • Tossed Green Salad • Fresh Baked Rolls • Water • Dessert! Participating Whole Foods Market locations include Maryland*, Virginia, Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Ohio and three of our New Jersey Stores: Cherry Hill, Marlton and Princeton. *Please note: Our Columbia, Maryland store's event is on 5/16 from  2-3 pm . All other events are on 5/16 from 5:30- 7 pm . Contact your local store for details and product availability.

Giveaway: Saturate: Being Disciples of Jesus in the Everyday Stuff of Life

What does the word "Church" mean or represent to you?  That building you drive by everyday, the place you go on Sunday's and special holidays, the place you sing, read, and pray, and then walk out the door into the world? Did you ever think that the world is the church? A church isn't a building, it's the gathering of God's people-anywhere, anytime, for any reason. Church isn't just held on Sunday morning, it's happening all the time. The book  Saturate: Being Disciples of Jesus in the Everyday Stuff of Life by  Jeff Vanderstelt shares his experience of being a pastor and church planter on how we can expand on our Sunday Service.  This book is available from Family Christian   in Hardcover, 256 pages. Invite some friends over for dinner, help a neighbor with yard work, drive someone to an appointment, there a a zillion ways we can help each other, spread what you know about being a follower of Jesus to others and watch what happens.  Next time you tel

Update!!! Giveaway NEW ZEBRA ball point pen Z-Grip 7 pack

​ There's nothing like a fresh pack of pens in my opinion, especially when they are assorted colors!  I've purchased well over my share of school/office supplies with two girls now in college and have found the brands we like best. Zebra brand is a favorite in our family. My husband is a devoted carrier of Zebra's telescope pen. It might be more valuable to him than his wallet, I think. He travels around the world, but not without that pen. No kidding. He is a one color ink person-black. All business you know. Me, I fancy the assorted color pens like this new Z-Grip Ball Point Pen 7 Pack of assorted colors   What I like about Zebra Z-Grip Ball Point Pens: Available  in: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Violet, Teal, Fuchsia, Orange Retractable Ball Point Pen Writes the first time Smooth click Smooth writing-glide ink performance Comfy to hold and write with ribbed rubber grip Clear barrel to see ink level  Metal clip for shirt pocket, purse, papers, and that professional l