Giveaway: Saturate: Being Disciples of Jesus in the Everyday Stuff of Life

What does the word "Church" mean or represent to you? 

That building you drive by everyday, the place you go on Sunday's and special holidays, the place you sing, read, and pray, and then walk out the door into the world?

Did you ever think that the world is the church? A church isn't a building, it's the gathering of God's people-anywhere, anytime, for any reason. Church isn't just held on Sunday morning, it's happening all the time.

The book Saturate: Being Disciples of Jesus in the Everyday Stuff of Life
by Jeff Vanderstelt shares his experience of being a pastor and church planter on how we can expand on our Sunday Service. 
This book is available from Family Christian  in Hardcover, 256 pages.

Invite some friends over for dinner, help a neighbor with yard work, drive someone to an appointment, there a a zillion ways we can help each other, spread what you know about being a follower of Jesus to others and watch what happens. 

Next time you tell your family it's time to go to Church-make it not on a Sunday-but anyday of the week. Saturate yourself with Church, by being a disciple of Jesus and share his word. 

The author talks about not liking to write, but he writes this book, to share his knowledge, and experience of life, the Bible, and Church. He talks about his family-his parents always the hospitality family of the neighborhood-welcoming people into their home for meals and visits. 
That was them being the church, disciples, missionaries, of everyday life stuff.

Everyday ordinary people that follow Jesus are his disciples and missionaries. You don't have to go to a foreign country to be a missionary. Right where you are is fine. 
So, get out there and go to Church today-which is Tuesday. 
Don't sit in the pew, don't get all dressed up, just be you and do your thing.
When Sunday rolls around-go to that big building we call "Church" to gather as a community. 

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