Day #8 of USA in a day

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Day #8

Intro: I am on a hunt for things in my home that are made in the USA.
Each day I will try to post an item or two from my house.
Why? To support companies that are in my country.
Take a second and look at the product or item you are using and see where it is made.

What's in your tool box?
Over the weekend the Mr. painted one of our upstairs bathrooms and installed new towel bars. As I was cleaning up the dirt and dust from the measuring twice, cut once method of installation, I spotted "Made in USA" on a tool. Well... then I had to read all the tool labels.

I found more than one item with the made in USA label. The Mr. likes quality tools and mainly buys USA made tools. Flea markets, yard sales, and auctions are are good places to find quality USA made tools from the old days. Have you been to a home center recently? I don't see many USA tools available there, maybe I just need to look closely.

The paint roller handle and paint brush made in USA.

 I took down the curtains to wash them and noticed the tag:

The next day I made a quick visit to our local, which I'll be honest is not a favorite place of mine to shop. It was in the shopping center I went to for another errand, so I ran in for a few things. I am happy to report my findings.

There is a nice selection of towels, and bath rugs available in Wal Mart (W.M.).

I found a trash can made in USA at W.M.

What's in your tool box and where are the tools made?

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