It is time to put away your winter coat

The month of March in National Nutrition Month and even though there are only a few days left in the month, good nutrition is for your life.  The month of March also brings the first day of Spring!  With all the snowy, icy days  I missed a lot of walking outside.  Last week the weather was warmer and free of snow so I had several days of getting outside and walking and I feel better already.  I also tried to eat more nutritious foods like Yoplait Yogurt. (click the link for coupons too) By replacing your breakfast and lunch with a cup of Yoplait Yogurt light, a whole grain of some type, and a piece of fruit you might just find yourself loosing some weight.  Like changing out your bulky winter coat for a lighter coat this time of year, you can change your nutrition.

  I have noticed  that if we have Yoplait on the top shelf of my refrigerator in plain view my family and I are more likely to grab that for a quick meal or a snack.  Everyone has their favorite flavor or variety so I look for coupons to use since I seem to buy a shopping basket full of yogurt. 
With this Spring time weather kids will be heading outside more, which means they will also be running into the kitchen looking for a quick snack so keep Yoplait Kids Yogurt in an easy to reach place right in your fridge.  It is a good source of calcium, vitamin D, flavors kids like, and popular kids characters on the packages.  My kids also like Go-Gurt for on the go snacks or to freeze and put in their lunch box ready by lunch time to eat. 

By the end of the day when dinner is done over and the dishes are cleaned and put away, you might be looking for desert, and a good way to end your day might be with Delight Parfait from Yoplait. It has layers of rich and creamy yogurt, only 100 calories, low in fat and great flavors.  The newest is Chocolate Eclair and Cherry Cheesecake.  Easy to eat right out of the cup, so you don''t have to clean up the kitchen again!

Now that I am thinking of all the yummy flavors of Yoplait Yogurt I need to replenish my stock in the refrigerator I am heading over  to Yoplait on Facebook to print out some coupons.  Be sure to look at the tabs on the right of the page to explore the different types of yogurt and events from Yoplait.

Disclosure:  By posting this information I have a chance to win a prize provided by Yoplait through MYBlogSpark.  The comments are my own.  Please consult the web site for specific information about the yogurt.


  1. I was thinking it was time to put away the coats until we got a dusting of snow and really cold temps here--boo!! I agree with you about the healthy eating and yogurt is a yummy way to get some calcium and probiotics in you! My kids love it.

  2. Following you back from The Steady Hand!

  3. Yoplait is soo yummy! :) Thanks for sharing. I am one of your newest followers and can't wait to get to know your blog better! :)
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