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My household seems to be getting picky about dinner time.  "I want this, I want that" , how do I make something that everyone will like?  Some nights I feel like handing out a menu  in my own kitchen.  If only it were that easy! There are so many choices for dinner these days, I find myself reading, and collecting recipes that I never seem  to make.  One meal that is quick, easy and I usually have in my pantry is Ragu (r), and some type of interesting shaped pasta.

 The new and improved Ragu (r) Old World Style (r) Traditional Sauce has 2 servings of Vegetables in every 1/2 cup of sauce.  I add a salad, some nice warm Italian bread, and dinner is on the table. For those nights of not knowing what to serve that makes everyone happy,  Ragu (r) is bringing Moms together to share their stories about dinner time; picky eaters ,what to make, and how to get the kids involved in dinner time preparation. Ragu(r) has created Mom's the Word on Dinner community on their Facebook page,(look for it on the side bar).  The page has an ongoing conversation about dinner time, feature videos, photos, polls, quizzes, and dinner time ideas.  Moms share ideas on how to get the kids involved with dinner from coupon clipping, grocery shopping, recipes,setting the table, making table decorations, and even having the kids make a menu!  Imagine that. On the facebook page I read about other ways to use the sauce that kids might like ; as a dip for  vegetables, cheese sticks, tortilla chips, and mini meatballs.  There is also great  tips from Parenting Expert, Dr. Michele Borba, and Registered Dietitian, Dr. Felicia Stoler on the page. Visit Ragu (r) on facebook and join the conversation of Mom's The Word On Dinner.

Disclosure:  I was entered for a chance to win a Ragu (r) prize in exchange for this post. No Monetary exchange took place.  These are my own comments.  Please visit the facebook page for specific details.

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