Review of Copco Brand Mugs

As the days become warmer I start thinking about making Iced Tea more often and having a cold drink with lots of ice. This Lent Season I am trying to forgo soda.  It is only  day 2, but so far doing well.   I found these neat Copco (r) Travel Mugs at Wegmans that will hold a 16 ounces of a cold  beverage. The Travel Mug comes with a screw on lid and a fancy reusable straw. 
Copco (r) Travel Mug
You can  pre-cool your drink by putting  cold water in the mug for five minutes prior to putting your beverage of choice in the mug to allow for maximum temperature retention.
These mugs do not go in the microwave, do not freeze, hand wash only, mild soap, and  air dry thoroughly. Even though the care of the mug is a little more than throwing it in the dishwasher I think the idea of a reusable mug and reusable straw outweigh that part.  You can load it up with ice and a cold drink.  I was not able to find out how long the drink will keep its cold temperature, but my experience is a few hours. 
They come in nice colors, pink,purple,blue, and yellow. They are fun for Summer Travel or Pool Side. They make a nice gift for kids and adults that are "on the go".  The price is around $5-7 with your shoppers card at Wegmans. They make a great Easter Basket addition!

The Other style of Copco Travel Mug that I like is the Mug that  resembles a take out coffee cup.
It is microwavable, top rack dishwasher safe, screw top, which makes it so much easier that prying off a lid, spilling the liquid everywhere.  The Mug I bought a few years ago only came in brown (the grip) this year I found the mugs at Bed Bath and Beyond for around $5.00. The New colors are pink, purple,blue,green, and still brown.
You can use a coupon on this item. I usually get one in the mail every so often, and at Christmas Time it seems weekly .I haven't seen many coupons lately, but if you  Sign up for their Email and they will email you a 20% off coupon right after you sign up for the email. 

Copco (r) Travel  Mug
There are other brands and similar style to these mugs available, but I think these work well since they are light weight and easy to transport, and easy to clean.  I picked up a similar looking one at a store and it was made from a stoneware material, heavy!  I think if you dropped that one, it would break!!!  I have dropped the Copco Mugs and haven't had any damage to the mugs as of yet.


  1. Hi Allison - thanks for the great review - I definitely need to pick up some for the family for the summer at the pool! Joe had a Copco travel mug like yours but he broke it - I think it fell off the forklift - he probably crushed it!

    Take care!

  2. Oh and I did see a beautiful ceramic/stoneware one with Breast Cancer symbols on it - but I KNEW I'd drop it and break it - probably on the way out of the store!



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