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Do you ever feel like all you do is laundry?  I have days like that, like today.  Sheets, towels, and school clothes are piled up by the washing machine ready and waiting to be washed and dried.
Sometimes there is that article of clothing that I re-run through the wash trying to get the stain out, trying is the word here.  I pre-treat, wait, then wash, the stain is still there.  Being a Purex Insider I had the opportunity to try Purex® Complete with Zout ®. As soon as the delivery man dropped  it off on my front porch, I had the washing machine started, perfect timing since I had loads to get going. After a few loads I remembered about the lingering stain on that article of clothing,  I figured either it will come out this time or forget it! 
I tried Fresh Morning Burst (tm), it is also available in  Free and Clear (tm)-fragrance free and hypoallergenic formula for sensitive skin. Purex Complete with Zout (r) contains a triple  enzyme stain remover that works against; protein based stains, starchy stains,and foods likes ice cream, barbecue sauce, and salad dressings that stick to fabrics.  These three stains fighting enzymes are in the detergent, you don't have to have a separate product, just measure and add to the wash load.  You can pour it directly on the stain and let it sit for 5 minutes for tough stains.

The detergent is formulated to work in traditional and High Efficiency washers, costs far less then leading brands of liquid detergents. For over 130 years  Henkel has been providing brands with combined quality for people and the environment. (They are the company that makes this product)

 This is a new product and should be available nationwide by the end of March. There was a coupon in last Sunday's  Newspaper for the Purex (r) Complete with Zout(r).
  You can get a free sample here!
So, back to my stain issue, it came out, the first time, really.  I was shocked, and glad to be done with that stain.

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